5 Affordable Range Rover Alternatives

Range Rovers aren’t exactly known for their reliability, but that still doesn’t change the fact that they’re undeniably cool. Even a previous-generation Range Rover Supercharged still looks and sounds great when it drives by. And while the owner of that used SUV may be only moments away from Range Rover-induced financial ruin, people who buy (well, usually lease) them new probably don’t have as much to worry about. In order to afford a new Range Rover, you have to have a lot of money.

That’s not just because Range Rovers have reliability issues, either. They also start north of $90,000. And that’s assuming you can even find a base model. A lot of dealers only stock models with a few thousand dollars in options, pushing the price for many north of $100,000. Since there aren’t many people in the U.S. making that kind of money, here are five less expensive Range Rover alternatives.

Range Rover Sport

If you love the look of the Range Rover but don’t necessarily need the size, take a look at its baby brother, the Range Rover Sport. You can option one well past $100,000, but the Sport starts just under $70,000. It’s not short on luxury, either, offering high-quality materials, a plush ride, and styling that borrows heavily from the bigger Range Rover. The Land Rover Discovery is even less expensive, starting at $52,000, but we think the Range Rover Sport has more appeal here.

Kia Telluride

Compared to some of the other SUVs on this list, the Kia Telluride isn’t nearly as capable of an off-roader. We’re sure it can handle some off-roading, but that’s not really what you buy a Telluride for. You buy it because it looks cool while offering the kind of everyday practicality normally reserved for minivans. And while Kia isn’t a luxury brand, you may be surprised at just how nice the Telluride’s interior is. And with a base price of just under $32,000, it’s much easier on the wallet than a true luxury SUV would be.

Nissan Armada

We were disappointed when we heard Nissan wouldn’t give the Armada a lot of the cool off-roading features it includes on the international version called the Patrol. But even without that, the Armada still has some serious road presence. And if you live in an area where it feels like Range Rovers are a dime a dozen, the Armada will stand out even more for less than $50,000. Or, if you want something more luxurious, the QX80 (Infiniti’s version of the Armada) starts just under $70,000.

Lexus GX

In an ideal world, Toyota Land Cruisers would be much more attainable. But Toyota also sells a less expensive off-road SUV called the Land Cruiser Prado in international markets. We don’t get the Prado here in the U.S., but we do get the Lexus GX, which is more luxurious and has different styling. With a base price of just over $53,000, the Lexus GX can handle some pretty extreme off-roading while still being a comfortable, nicely appointed daily driver.

Jeep Grand Cherokee


Why Is the Kia Telluride So Popular?

Since it’s not a true luxury SUV, even a loaded Grand Cherokee can’t rival the luxury of a Range Rover. But with a starting price of just over $34,000, it’s also much less expensive. Play fast and loose with the options, and you can quickly double the MSRP, but you’ll still be well below the price of a base Range Rover. You’ll also have a comfortable off-roader that still looks cool even though the Grand Cherokee hasn’t been redesigned in a decade.