$460,000 SCG 004 Gets Profesional Detail Before Crashing for America

If you’ve never heard of the SCG 004, you’re not alone. Unlike most supercar manufacturers, Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus creates various models, ranging from race cars to off-roading SUVs. Additionally, this manufacturer is relatively small, only producing a handful of vehicles per year.

However, before any of these cars make it to production, they must undergo plenty of crash testing. That’s exactly what AMMO NYC covers in its latest YouTube video. What makes this particular test strange is that the supercar got a complete detail before getting crushed. As you’d expect, there is a very good reason why.

How much does a SCG 004 cost?

An image of a SCG 004 getting washed before its first crash test.

Since the SCG 004 is quite the obscure supercar, let’s do a rundown of what it is exactly. For starters, the 004 line is split into three separate models, the 004S, the 004C, and the 004CS.

The “base” model is the SCG 004S with the “S” representing Stradale, or Street in Italian. As its name suggests, this street variant is meant primarily to be driven on the road. Oddly enough, it features a McLaren F1-style central seating position with two smaller seats on either side. According to The Drive, this base car starts at $460,000.

Next up is the SCG 004C, which stands for Competizione, or Competition in Italian. Building on the base car, this racecar variant is designed to compete in the LM GTE, GTLM, GT3, and GT4 racing categories. Power comes from a GM LT4 small-block V8. Since there will be many variations of this model, there’s no specific base price.

Lastly, we’ve got the best of both worlds with the SCG 004CS, which stands for Competizione Stradale or Competition Street in Italian. The interesting fact surrounding this final variant is that it can be swapped between street and race configurations. According to The Drive, this variant will start at $598,000.

Why would someone detail a car before crash testing?

An image of a SCG 004 getting washed before its first crash test.

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Now that we know what the SCG 004 is let’s dive in to see why someone would detail it before a major crash. The short answer is that the detail was done as a practice test. According to AMMO NYC, customers that order this supercar will be able to pick from different finishes for the car’s carbon-fiber exterior. These different finishes will be sold as a factory option to be completed by AMMO NYC.

As you’d expect, SCG doesn’t have a fleet of these cars laying around for AMMO NYC to run tests on. This means that when a prototype featuring an exposed carbon fiber came around, AMMO NYC decided to make the most of it. This included dividing the car up into sections to test out the best ways to polish the carbon fiber and extract the various finishes.

How did this SCG 004 crash for America?

Once AMMO NYC finished the extensive detail on this SCG 004, the car went up to Canada. This is because the car needed to go through its crash testing to meet U.S. regulations to be sold here.

Oddly enough, the U.S. government doesn’t conduct these crash tests. Instead, it’s up to the manufacturer to go out and find a test facility for their vehicles. Regardless, since the SCG 004 has completed its crash tests, it won’t be long until we get to see it out on the road.