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Everyone knows a Ford GT is a scarce and valuable car. Seeing them hit $1 million isn’t all that uncommon, but it is wild to see someone buy anything for $612,659 in 2019 and then turn around and sell it for $1,010,000 in less than two years. Of course, it always helps for a Hypercar to be super limited and only have 506 miles – and be a 2019 Ford GT.

2019 Ford GT in Matte Black
2019 Ford GT | Bring a Trailer

How much is a Ford GT worth? 

The Ford GT is one of the most iconic cars ever made, full stop. The Ford GT has a long and dramatic history that has been told, retold, and told again over the years. It represents a classic underdog story as American’s sweetheart in the Le Mans racing series. It is also one of the few full-blown race cars that have made a prominent entrance as a road-legal car that anyone (who’s very rich) can buy and drive to work if they so please. 

All of that to be said, this rare and iconic car is still being made and sold today, and even still, a two-year-old model can nearly double in price. This 2019 Ford GT is in a particularly cool spec, but even if it weren’t so cool and such low miles, $1 million is not an uncommon price for one of these low-slung road sharks. 

This current generation of the Ford GT was released in 2015. Even though it’s been out for a while now, people still trip over themselves to buy one. But this particular example is a stand-out. 

This 2019 Ford GT is a killer

This unique (and badass) paint job cost the original buyer a cool $40k alone. It is finished in Matte Black with alloy overtop stripes. This paint choice and stripe combo match the carbon fiber trim and 20-inch carbon fiber wheels, an additional $15k option. Hiding behind the pricey wheels are carbon-ceramic brakes with custom orange calipers. According to CarScoops, this Ford GT has $117,445 in optional extras on top of the base $491,500 price tag. 

Once you get past the stunning exterior, the interior is a whole other level. The butterfly doors slide open to reveal a matching black and orange scheme from the Launch Control Package. It also has a fully exposed carbon fiber tub. No big deal. 

Given the 2019 Ford GT’s racing pedigree, the dash is fairly simple but far from boring. This is the definition of a purpose-built cabin. It is beautiful quality but a simple and non-distracting design, except for the blaze orange glove box to match the brake calipers. 

Like any good race car, the Ford GT has a fixed seat, but the pedal box and steering column are adjustable. The steering wheel is covered in Alcantara, and the Getrag’s dual-clutch gearbox is controlled by paddle shifters. 

How fast is the Ford GT? 

side shot of a Matte Black Ford GT
2019 Ford GT | Bring a Trailer

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So, this 2019 Ford GT is clearly very cool, but when the rubber hits the road, will it boogie? Uh, yeah. It boogies. 

The Ford GT comes with a twin-turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 making a massive 647 hp. Unlike many modern hypercars, the Ford GT still wants to kill you, just like the good old days. All 647 horses are sent to only the back two wheels, meaning it’s happy to break loose if you put your foot in it. 

To keep all this power usable, the 2019 Ford GT also has hydraulically adjustable pushrod suspension, active rear wing, titanium exhaust, launch control, and selectable drive modes fitted as standard. The Ford GT can make a 0-60 mph sprint in 3.8 seconds and has a top speed of 216 mph. 

$1 million seems about right

The specs are one thing, but the condition is truly impeccable. Getting a new Ford GT from the factory is nearly impossible. Ford makes very few of these, and the waiting list is long. Along with everything else, this makes these cars very desirable and worthy of a nearly 100% price increase when spec’d right and kept clean.