$400,000 2021 Mclaren 765 LT Catches Fire After a Few Days of Ownership

Since the 2021 McLaren 765 LT hit the road for the first time, it quickly gathered headlines for its outrageous speed. In fact, when some McLaren owners took their cars to the dyno, they realized it was producing more power than its official stats suggested. However, when dealing with such high-performance models, small mistakes can turn into big disasters.

That seems to be the case in a recent story covered by CarBuzz. That’s because one of these ultra-limited machines seemingly caught fire at a gas station. To make matters worse, the car was reportedly just a few days old.

How did this 2021 McLaren 765 LT catch fire?

An image of a McLaren 765 LT on fire at a gas station.
McLaren 765 LT | Bob Kelly North Penn Now via Facebook

As of writing, there is no official report on what caused this specific 2021 McLaren 765 LT fire. However, given the fact that it happened at a gas station, there are a few potential theories.

The first could be that the owner mistakenly poured gasoline on a hot part of the car’s exhaust system. According to CarBuzz, this owner had only managed to log around 100 miles or so in the car before it went up in flames.

However, it is worth noting that this wouldn’t be the first time an ultra-rare McLaren goes up in flames due to a defect. Think back to last year when Motor1 reports that the British carmaker issued a recall due to fire risks.

Given the relatively small amount of information currently available, let’s give the supercar the benefit of the doubt, especially since no other 765 LT’s have caught fire.

How do we know it’s not a 720S?

While we don’t know exactly what caused this 2021 McLaren 765 LT fire, we know for certain that it is the brand-new high-performance model. For starters, the LT variant gets four exhaust tips in the rear, all of which managed to survive the fire.

Additionally, all of the photos and videos showcase LT-specific wheels on this destroyed supercar. Lastly, if you zoom into the first shot showcasing the door, you can see a tiny 765 LT plaque.

According to CarBuzz, this event took place at a gas station in Upper Gwynedd Township. Additionally, it reportedly took firefighters two hours to put out the flames. Perhaps this could be a clue of what could end up being a fire started by spilled fuel.

Regardless, the owner wasn’t in the car when it caught fire, meaning no one was injured in this event.

Should other 2021 McLaren 765 LT owners be worried?

An image of a McLaren 765 LT on fire at a gas station.
McLaren 765 LT | Bob Kelly North Penn Now via Facebook

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If you’ve just spent a massive amount of cash on a 2021 McLaren 765 LT, there is no reason to panic just yet. As you might imagine, there likely will be an investigation to find the source of the fire.

If it turns out to be a result of user error, then McLaren is off the hook. However, if it is somehow linked to the carmaker, we could see a recall for the other LT cars out on the road. Thankfully, since no other cars have caught fire, this likely won’t be the case.