40,000 2006 Ford F-150s Stolen Last Year. But There’s More!

What’s up with the 2006 F-150s popularity with thieves? The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that for the first time the F-150 has become the number one most-stolen vehicle in 2019. For this compilation “F-150” also takes in everything from the F-150 through to the F-550. So 40,000 2006 F-150 trucks were stolen last year, but there’s more.

Following closely behind in second place was the 2000 Honda Civic in 2019. It was the most stolen vehicle in 2018. As a 2000 Civic is 20 years old it is surprising it is still that hot to steal. And just behind the Civic was the 2004 Chevy Silverado with 32,583 ripped off. 

In fourth place was the 1997 Honda Accord with 30,754 thefts

Stealing a car
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The next four are all Japanese-made sedans. In fourth place was the 1997 Honda Accord with 30,754 thefts. Behind it was the 2007 Toyota Camry with only about half of the Accord’s number at 15,656. Sixth and seventh were the 2015 Altima and 2018 Toyota Corolla following close behind the Camry’s numbers. 

At the bottom of the top 10 most stolen vehicles were the 2001 Dodge Ram with 11,292 thefts, the 2018 GMC Sierra closely behind, and the 2001 Honda CR-V at 10,000 stolen. Interestingly there are no European manufactured cars in the top 10. You can go to the NICB site to also see rankings in each state. While the states pretty much follow the national rankings there are some regional surprises.

In Alaska, the 1999 Subaru Legacy is the fourth most stolen vehicle. The most stolen vehicle in Wisconsin was the 2003 Dodge Caravan. Why would thieves steal those more than anything else? In Iowa, 66 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix sedans were stolen. We would ask again, why? Volkswagen Jetta sedans show up on both New Hampshire and Idaho lists at numbers six and nine respectively. 

Who would think their Dodge Caravan would get popped?

Thief Stealing Car
A thief breaks into a car | Getty

10 Reasons Why Your Car Is Going to Get Broken Into or Stolen

Maybe some of these less-than-exciting vehicles stolen are for joyrides because who would bother locking them? Who would think their Dodge Caravan would get popped? And maybe that’s the problem with more expensive vehicles. If we were driving a newer Jaguar or BMW we’d damn sure keep it locked. Thieves typically pass on locked vehicles looking for an easier opportunity to break into it.

Another reason some cars are not represented on these lists is that their anti-theft protection keeps thieves away. It used to be certain cars could be broken into using a panel puller to pierce the door. With a hole in the door skin, they could easily manipulate the latch. Now there is better reinforcement around locks and door handles. 

Most of these vehicles were made in the zillions. So with more of them on the streets, the numbers go up because there are more to swipe. That’s why there are no 997 GT3 Porsches on the list; there are just too few to steal.