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Among the subdivisions of the renowned General Motors Company is Chevrolet. Vehicles made by Chevrolet perform fairly well in terms of reliability, and they have been on the market for years. A good example is the Chevy Tahoe, a fine SUV that is ideal for families looking to travel comfortably.

Just like any other vehicle, the Tahoe requires to be maintained frequently. Maintenance issues are common among these vehicles, but some Tahoe model years have more problems than others. Here are the worst Chevy Tahoe model years mentioned by CarComplaints.

1. The 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe is costly to maintain

A Chevrolet logo on the side of a building.
Chevrolet building

A lot of vehicle owners with the 2004 Chevy Tahoe have frequently reported the same problem. After an average of 80,250 miles, the vehicle will often demand that insane amounts of coolant be added. After proper analysis, this problem has been linked to the vehicle having cracked heads. Replacing them costs an average of $3,220, and this is the 2004 Tahoe’s major problem.

As if the cracked heads didn’t cause enough problems, this Tahoe’s speedometer becomes inaccurate after it has been in use for around 63,850 miles. Repairing this issue costs its owners an average of $390. Also, the vehicle’s head gasket cracks often, especially after being in use for more than 105,600 miles. This also causes the vehicle’s coolant to be used up rapidly, and this costs $2,600 to repair.

2. Is the 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe a good vehicle?

Another Chevy Tahoe with numerous expensive maintenance issues is the 2005 model. Primarily, a tapping noise is often heard coming from the vehicle when it is idle after reaching an average mileage of 45,500 miles. The vehicle’s lifter is usually the cause of this, and replacing it costs around $4,000.

At around the 90,000-mile mark, the vehicle starts to have transmission failure. Few people have complained about this problem, and it can be fixed by replacing the transmission. Repairing this costs around $2,500. Sometimes a popping noise is also heard coming from the front end of the vehicle when it is turning. This usually happens after the vehicle has been used for an average of 35,100 miles, and it costs $250 to repair.

3. Most of the recorded problems were from the 2007 Chevy Tahoe 

According to CarComplaints, the 2007 Tahoe has had the most reported overall problems. Most of its owners have complained about the dashboard slowly cracking from one end to the other. On average, this happens after the vehicle has been in use for 74,100 miles, and it costs $210 to replace the dashboard.

In addition, the message board constantly shows that the vehicle has low oil pressure after it has been in use for 103,250 miles, and the engine may need to be changed after this. Repairing this issue costs about $2,430. Drivers have also reported a rattling noise coming from the engine after the vehicle has been in use for more than 81,500 miles. Repairing this costs an average of $3,330, and it can be done by getting a new motor.

4. Does the 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe have maintenance problems?

Although the 2015 Tahoe isn’t as bad as the 2007 model, it is still one of the worst Chevy Tahoes. After achieving 52,750 miles, the AC stops working, and this costs $980 to repair. Some vehicles that have been in use for more than 47,700 miles have also been reported to have a loud and rough ride due to faulty shocks and struts. Repairing this requires the shocks to be replaced, and it costs an average of $2,940.

Often, after this vehicle has been used for an average of 60,600 miles, the brakes stop working well, and this costs $640 to repair. Owning any of these Chevy Tahoes is therefore costly, and they wouldn’t be good picks for any motorists.