These 4 Used Toyota Prius Models Under $20,000 Are Consumer Reports-Approved

For customers who care about the environment, the Toyota Prius is a great, fuel-efficient option. That being said, the Prius can also be a great financial option, especially for gig workers. Here’s a look at the four used Toyota Prius models that are under $20,000 and are all extremely fuel-efficient

The regular 2016 to 2017 Toyota Prius

Brand new Toyota Prius cars are displayed on a sales lot at City Toyota on September 5, 2018
Toyota Prius models | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

According to Consumer Reports, the regular Toyota Prius from the 2016 to 2017 model years are a great, used option that’s under $20,000. These model years of the Prius may cost about $17,000, and they provide quite a few perks. 

Off the bat, these model years of the Prius were when Toyota introduced some new features to the car. Chief among them was a new, larger engine, which Consumer Reports said was even more efficient than before, as it gets about 52 MPG overall.

While both are great, affordable options, Consumer Reports recommended that owners try to find the 2017 Prius. This is because that’s the model year when Toyota made a lot of smart safety features standard on the Prius. 

The 2016 to 2017 Toyota Prius V

Like Consumer Reports wrote, the Toyota Prius V from the 2016 to 2017 model years was similar in a few areas to the regular Prius, but it also made a few significant changes. The Prius V is a wagon version of the Prius, and as such, it’s larger and roomier than the regular Prius.

That size upgrade made the Prius V a better option for families than the regular model was, however, the Prius V’s larger size did hurt the car when it comes to fuel economy. The V model only gets about 41 MPG overall, according to Consumer Reports.

With that said, when it comes to price and quality, the Prius V is as good as the regular Prius from those model years. A used Prius V from those model years may cost about $17,000 as well, and Consumer Reports also gave it a good review overall.

The 2018 Prius C model

Unlike the Toyota Prius V, the Toyota Prius C is a smaller and more affordable version of the Prius. Consumer Reports said that a used 2018 Prius C may cost anywhere between $15,000 and $18,000. However, while the Prius C provided the same great fuel economy that a Prius is known for, it did fall short elsewhere.

For example, Consumer Reports said that while the Prius C gets about 43 MPG overall, the rear seats aren’t spacious and the interior used a lot of “cheap-looking materials.” Furthermore, it had a harsh ride, a loud and noisy interior, and a pretty weak engine overall. 

That said, Consumer Reports wrote that it had some standard smart safety features, including automatic emergency braking. And, due to its small size, parking is pretty easy with the Prius C. 

The 2017 Prius Prime

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Last but not least, the 2017 Prius Prime made Consumer Reports list, but barely. A used version of this car costs between $19,000 and $23,000, but it’s well worth the price tag. 

Unlike the other Prius models on the list, the Prius Prime is a PHEV, which means that it can go on battery-only mode for quite a while. Consumer Reports said that the 2017 Prius Prime can go about 23 miles on battery power alone.

In hybrid mode, the Prius Prime gets 50 MPG overall, which is about average for a Prius. Furthermore, the Prius Prime also came with a lot of standard smart safety features.

That said, there are some drawbacks to buying a used Prius Prime. For example, Consumer Reports said that the Prius Prime could only seat four people, and it also had an “unintuitive infotainment system.”