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As time goes on and new innovations have hit the market, EVs are growing more popular. This is not just the case with standard cars but also with trucks. Truck owners appreciate the steadily improving power of electric trucks and saving money on diesel fuel. 

Given this popularity, new startup EV companies have joined the fray to show off their electric trucks. Here are just four of them:

1. Rivian

The Rivian EV company logo with a silhouette of someone on a smartphone in the foreground
The Rivian logo | Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Rivian has put two EVs on the market: its R1T and R1S models. The company describes them as “electric adventure vehicles” since they are designed with both off-road and on-road capabilities. 

According to Rivian, the company supports these adventures by setting up an “adventure network” — a series of fast electric chargers — near recreational hotspots. This aims to end drivers’ range anxiety when they’re on off-road adventures by continuing to expand electric infrastructure. 

2. Atlis 

Atlis has a mission not just to sell its trucks but also to create technological innovations that will change the EV space. According to Atlis, the company builds its proprietary AMV batteries in-house. The cube cells are designed to support trucks with a range of anywhere from 300-500 miles. Adding that to its fast chargers will allow Atlis EV owners to charge their trucks in around 15 minutes. Currently, Atlis is offering this charging technology to businesses to power up work trucks. 

Atlis also has two other offerings: the XP and the XT. The XP is a platform designed to be the base of larger trucks, such as ambulances. Meanwhile, the XT is the company’s heavy-duty work truck, which can tow up to 35,000 pounds and hold 5,000 pounds, per Atlis‘s self-reported specs. 

3. Alpha Motor Inc. 

Despite the company being founded in 2020, Alpha already has an arsenal of 15 vehicles on its website, including the Ace, Rex, Saga, Wolf, and more. The company is driven by its motto to “Move Humanity,” which includes automotive innovations and efforts toward a sustainable future. For example, in April 2022, the company partnered with Hinduja Tech (announced in a press release from PR Newswire) to create a carbon-neutral production process and make EVs more accessible to the general population. 

While Alpha has many vehicles, the Wolf truck stands out due to its affordability. It starts at $36,000 MSRP, comparable to a gasoline-powered car. While the specs are not necessarily in line with other electric trucks on the market (with a sub-300-mile range), it does align with the company’s mission to make EVs more accessible. 

4. EdisonFuture 

EdisonFuture stands out on this list — instead of charging your EV on the side of the road, its vehicles are 100% solar-powered. While the company is a startup, the origins of the company are far from new. The company originates from the Chinese company SPI Energy, which also owns Phoenix Motorcars, a company that’s been operating since 2003. 

Currently, the company offers the EF1-T truck for consumers and the EF1-V delivery van for businesses. 

The EF1-T isn’t just any electric truck — it has various standout features that set it apart. It has three screens in it, including the screen on the dashboard and two internal mirror camera screens designed to capture the road behind you in any weather condition. Additionally, its solar cover is retractable, revealing a truck bed. 


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