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Motorhomes and campers have rapidly grown in popularity since the coronavirus pandemic began. More and more people are looking for places to camp along coastal waterways, mountain ranges, and other scenic locations. Outdoor enthusiasts have also learned that using RVs for hunting trips offers many benefits. Here are the top reasons why hunting from an RV is a great idea.

Responsible hunting is beneficial to ecosystems 

A Monaco Cayman RV available for rent at Abel RV Center in 2003 in Bartlett, Illinois
Renting an RV for hunting can be cost-effective | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Hunters have been around since the beginning of time. The age-old activity encourages quality time among family members and friends while enjoying the outdoors. Not only is hunting a pastime, but it can also benefit local ecosystems.

Controlling and maintaining wildlife populations is a major reason people choose to hunt. For instance, the white-tailed deer is one of the most-hunted large mammals in the United States and Canada. Large numbers can eat an overabundance of shrubs and plants, straining the ecosystem and other animals’ chances of survival. Their overpopulation has become a significant problem that hunters can help control.

RV Magazine explains that “hunting deer in limited seasons is considered a critical aspect of maintaining an environment capable of nurturing sustainable numbers of deer and other creatures.”

And an RV provides the ideal base for hunters looking for convenient and affordable accommodations.

Location and comfort are the top 2 reasons to hunt from an RV

First, most hunters know that remote locations are the best spots to find abundant wildlife. Bow Hunting explains how “an RV is tailor-made for helping you live comfortably far from the nearest motel or restaurant by bringing your accommodations along with you.”

Not only will you have the convenience of sleeping in your own bed, having a stocked refrigerator, and a warm place to go after an eventful day, but you will also have the ability to change locations easily if the animals aren’t around.

Second, comfort is also key when it comes to combining two of America’s favorite pastimes. There’s nothing better than seeking shelter in a camper when a cold morning or rainy night is forecast. Sure, a tent could work on a hunting trip, but it doesn’t provide the same level of comfort as an RV.

Logistics and value are 2 other great reasons to use an RV for hunting


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Third, logistics is another reason that makes hunting from an RV the perfect option. Not only can you pack everything you need into a camper, but you also don’t have to worry about airline baggage restrictions and laws regarding taking hunting gear across state lines.

Using an RV for an out-of-state trip will save money on lodging and eliminate the need for a rental car. It also gives you the flexibility of setting up a base camp that includes a mobile kitchen, bathroom facilities, and sleeping quarters. And you have the freedom to camp in the middle of the action, without long trips back and forth to a hotel. And when the day gets long, you can take a nap or grab a quick bite and then get right back to hunting.

Last, value is worth considering when deciding if an RV is right for your next hunting trip. If you don’t have the means to purchase a rig outright, you can use sites like Outdoorsy to rent an RV.

With current rental prices averaging around $2,000 per week, four friends could split the cost at $500 each and have a trip to remember, at half the cost of other travel options.

Hunting from an RV is not only practical but also beneficial. Consider the location, comfort, logistics, and value, and it’s a win-win for everyone involved.