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The Chevrolet Colorado received a thorough redesign for the 2023 model year, making it a more competitive choice against other pickup trucks, including the Ford Maverick. Here are four reasons the 2023 Chevy Colorado is better than the 2023 Ford Maverick.

2023 Chevy Colorado offers more powerful engines than the 2023 Ford Maverick

Front angle view of red 2023 Chevy Colorado pickup truck
2023 Chevy Colorado | Chevrolet

The first reason the 2023 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck is better than the 2023 Ford Maverick is its more powerful engine options. Buyers of the Colorado have a choice of three variants of a 2.7-liter turbocharged inline-four engine. The 2.7L Turbo produces 237 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque, while the 2.7L Turbo Plus delivers 310 horsepower and 390 lb-ft of torque. And for the pinnacle of Colorado performance, the 2.7L Turbo High-Output doles out 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque.

In comparison, the standard hybrid engine in the Maverick produces 191 horsepower and 155 lb-ft of torque, and the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder generates 250 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. If your excursions and tough jobs for your pickup truck require more power, then the Colorado is the way to go. 

2023 Colorado is better for off-road use than the 2023 Maverick

Front angle view of blue 2023 Ford Maverick pickup truck
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford

The second reason the 2023 Chevy Colorado is better than the 2023 Ford Maverick is its off-road capabilities. If you want a pickup truck that you can use for driving far out into the wilderness, then the Colorado is the best choice for you. 

While the Maverick offers an all-wheel drive system, it is not as capable for off-road use compared to the traction-enhancing four-wheel drive system offered for the Colorado. Also, all-wheel drive is only available for the fully gas-powered version of the Maverick. You can’t get it with the Maverick Hybrid.

Furthermore, while the Maverick offers Tremor and FX4 off-road packages, unlike the Colorado, it doesn’t have any off-road trim level. With the Colorado Trail Boss and ZR2 trim off-road models, you can have the confidence to drive off the beaten path. 

Chevy Colorado has a higher towing capacity than the Ford Maverick

The third reason the 2023 Colorado pickup truck is better than the 2023 Maverick is its higher towing capacity. The Colorado can tow up to 7,700 pounds. In comparison, the towing capacity is 4,000 pounds for the fully gas-powered Maverick and 2,000 pounds for the Maverick Hybrid.

With its 7,700-pound towing capacity, the Colorado can tow a variety of things. This includes a utility trailer, car trailer, teardrop trailer, fishing boat, pontoon boat, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, large travel trailer, and tow dolly.

Furthermore, the Colorado can haul more in the pickup bed. It has a payload capacity of 1,684 pounds, while Maverick can only haul up to 1,564 pounds of payload.

2023 Colorado has a redesign — but the 2023 Maverick is a carryover model

The fourth reason the 2023 Colorado is better than the 2023 Maverick is its redesign. The Colorado has a complete overhaul — but the Maverick is primarily a carryover model. If you’re the type of pickup truck driver that wants the freshest new look, then the Colorado is the preferable choice. 

For the exterior, the Colorado has bold new styling. At the front, it features a massive grille and a burly bumper. These are complemented by slim headlights. Also, the 2023 Colorado is wider than the 2022 version — and provides improved cargo bed functionality. 

Inside the new Colorado, the cabin is more upscale and modern. It also has technologies, including a best-in-class 11.3-inch infotainment system touchcreeen.

The 2023 Chevy Colorado pickup truck is better than the 2023 Ford Maverick for its more powerful engines, off-road capabilities, towing, and redesign. When making a decision about which pickup truck to get, these are things to consider.