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Lamborghini has had record sales the past few years, even selling out halfway through 2021. CEO Stephan Winkelmann reveals that new Lamborghini supercars are coming soon, including a few plug-in hybrid versions and even a Lamborghini EV.

The Lamborghini roadmap towards electrification

There are four new Lamborghini supercars slated for this year
This image of a Lamborghini was used in the Cor Tauri grand plan presentation | Lamborghini via YouTube

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann spoke to CAR Magazine this week about the future of the brand’s lineup. One of the significant factors is the new chief technical officer, Rouven Mohr. Mohr has big plans to take Lamborghini into the electric age without sacrificing what the brand is known for.

Winkelmann told CAR that the move to electric is essential. “There’s a new generation of customers which would not otherwise sit at your table anymore,” he said. Lamborghini has invested over $1.6 billion in its new Cor Tauri plan to keep those potential buyers at the table.

So far, in 2022, Lamborghini has two new Huracans planned to launch, and two Urus SUV launches planned out. Beyond that, the plans are far more extensive for the next few years.

Lamborghini has almost sold out for 2022 production alrea

For the second year in a row, Lamborghini is almost sold out for the entire year of production. “2022 will be the last year when we are launching internal-combustion-engined cars only,” Winkelmann said. This year, he confirmed the four launches are the Huracan derivatives (including the Sterrato) and a “facelift that will be split into two” for the Urus. The internet has suggested that a competitor for the Porsche 911 GT3 Touring would be in the works with the Huracan STO.

But the big news is that Winkelmann confirmed to CAR that a replacement for the Aventador will have a V12 engine and be a plug-in hybrid. Lamborghini has this planned for 2023. In 2024, a plug-in hybrid for the Urus and Huracan is in the works.

‘It’s three different engines: Urus has the V8, the Aventador will have a V12, for the Huracan we are not yet disclosing what type of engine it’s going to be, but it’s a completely new engine, nothing in common with the Urus or Aventador engine.”

Stephan Winkelmann | Lamborghini

He went on to say that as the company progresses toward its goal of electrification, it wants to get the hybrids right first. “It’s about cutting emissions for sure, but you have to ensure the performance is better. You have to keep the sound of the engine, a powerful engine, delivering the performance you need,” Winkelmann said to CAR.

The supercar brand is currently working on the first electric vehicle

When it comes to a fully-electric Lamborghini, Winkelmann says there are two possible options. One is a hybrid supercar that will appeal to the supercar masses. Lamborghini announced the Urus hybrid and a new model at the Cor Tauri conference for a more general audience. This will be some type of electric grand touring model.

The team is sparing no detail in designing the first Lamborghini EV. The team has been driving other electric cars to get a feel for what the Lamborghini version requires. Winkelmann says this means paying particular attention to the brakes, overall driving experience, suspension, and power to weight ratio.

With that said, the CEO says the Lamborghini EV plan is still under construction. “We are still in the strategy planning; we are still in the phase where we are putting together all the numbers.” He did say he had a good idea of where the mystery supercar will land, but the rest is still up in the air. Keep an eye out on Lamborghini’s social media for more clues as the brand evolves.


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