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There’s no denying that the 2020-21 GR Toyota Supra is indeed a great sportscar. Yes, it’s a BMW underneath all of the Toyota cladding and badges. But once you get past that, you quickly learn to love all of its unique curves and potent power delivery. However, if you’re looking to purchase a GR Supra, then there are a few common problems that you should know about.

1. The steering wheel is known to shudder

2021 Toyota Supra Interior
2021 Toyota Supra Interior | Toyota

Although the GR Toyota Supra is new, it’s old enough that some owners have noticed problems creeping up during their time with the car so far. One common issue is the steering wheel shaking or shuddering when the car is driven at highway speeds. According to Wheels Joint, the most common culprits of the Supra’s steering wheel shudder are unbalanced or misaligned wheels. Fortunately, the Supra does carry a solid three-year/36,000-mile warranty, so having the issue addressed at your local dealership shouldn’t be an issue.

2. The Supra is known to have oil consumption issues

The 2021 Supra has a slightly different engine than the 2020 models. For starters, it makes 47 more horsepower, but that increase comes with a slight caveat. The pistons were changed out and the cylinder head was revised for that extra power, however, there are some Supra owners complaining about excessive oil consumption.

Those who have experienced this issue have said that the piston rings are to blame for the issue and said that the car would go into “limp mode” when driving. As far as a remedy, in some cases, Toyota is actually replacing engines or buying back cars. Hopefully, that won’t be the case if you buy a Supra, but if anything, keep an eye on the car’s oil level if you buy one.

3. There could be problems with the car’s paint

2021 Toyota Supra rear end
2021 Toyota Supra rear end | Toyota

Another issue to look out for if you’re considering buying a GR Supra is the car’s paint quality. There have been a couple of reports of the car’s paint showing white bubbles or spots on the clear coat. One Supra owner took his car to the dealership upon noticing them and a Toyota representative told him that heat was the solution. He either needed to take a heat gun to the paint spots or leave it in the sun for a while.

He tried both but to no avail and Toyota even ended up swapping out Supras for him. Of course, you can’t always expect that type of service, but this one goes to show that if you’re going to buy a Supra, check its paint thoroughly first.

4. Noise buffeting when the windows are rolled down

2021 Toyota Supra in a wind tunne
2021 Toyota Supra in a wind tunnel | Toyota

The most common and annoying issue that you’re likely to realize on any 2020-21 Supra is the dreaded wind buffeting noise. Basically, if you roll down the windows at any speed, there is an annoying helicopter-like noise throughout the cabin that occurs from the turbulence created by the shape of the window.

This is obviously a slight oversight by the car’s design, but luckily, there are cheap solutions that you can find online. This anti-buffeting kit from AMS performance does the job well, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for it.

Is the GR Toyota Supra a reliable car?

Aside from the aforementioned issues, the 2020-21 Toyota Supra is a fantastic and reliable car. Sure, it may be a BMW underneath its Toyota skin, but with the proper maintenance and care, there’s no reason a Supra shouldn’t last any owner many years of driving fun and performance.


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