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The Toyota FJ Cruiser is one of the most unique used vehicles on the market today. Its combination of Toyota build quality and longevity mixed with a classic offroading aesthetic is tough to find anymore in the used car market.

Because of the FJ Cruiser’s high demand, many models are selling for more than their original MSRP on the used market. If you are committed to owning a used 2014 FJ Cruiser, and you are preparing for the high prices these SUVs bring, here is everything you need to know about the FJ Cruiser and how much you can expect to pay on dealer lots, and how much you should have set aside for repairs.

A Toyota log on the front of an FJ Cruiser.
Toyota | Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg via Getty Images

2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser: price, specs, and features

The 2014 FJ Cruiser was the final model available for the North American market. Throughout its eight-year run in North America, the FJ Cruiser sold well, but the market for these vehicles was hit hard by the 2008 recession, and they never truly recovered.

In total, only a little over 14,000 FJs were sold in America for the 2014 model year according to With this low inventory from the start, 2014 FJ Cruisers can be tough to find for a good price, with U.S. News reporting many consumers are paying $30,000 to $34,527 on the used market today when the FJ Cruiser started at $27,680 when new.

For this high used price, drivers get a solid offroad-inspired SUV with seating for five, available all-wheel drive, and available manual transmission. Every FJ Cruiser model for 2014 has a 4.0L V6 engine that makes just under 300 horsepower and gets around 16 mpg city and 20 mpg highway.

The list of features for the FJ Cruiser is pretty bare, even by 2014 standards, with only cruise control, an 11-speaker stereo system, a rear window wiper, remote keyless entry, and a rearview camera all being offered as optional features only.

Which repairs cost the most on the 2014 FJ Cruiser?

If you are looking to get behind the wheel of a used 2014 FJ Cruiser, you may be wondering which potential repairs you may need in the future, along with how much they’ll cost to fix. According to RepairPal, some of the costliest repairs for the 2014 FJ include an alternator replacement, emergency brake cable replacement, air conditioning refrigerant line replacement, and an axle shaft replacement.

You may notice that many of these repairs are fairly common for just about any car on the road today, and that is what makes the FJ Cruiser such a great vehicle on the used marketplace. It is a rugged, basic offroader that can be repaired by most owners.

If you do plan on taking your FJ Cruiser to a mechanic, RepairPal suggests that you can expect to pay around $593 for a new alternator, $417 for a new emergency brake cable, $840 for a new air conditioning refrigerant line, and around $1,085 for a new axle shaft.

Don’t let repair bills keep you from owning one

If you want a used FJ Cruiser, don’t let its high price on the used market scare you away! The FJ Cruiser is a solid, rugged vehicle that really will run forever with proper maintenance. When the FJ Cruiser does experience a failure, most of the parts are relatively cheap, and if you are looking to get a licensed mechanic to perform a job, the FJ is a reasonably low-cost vehicle to repair.


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