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Marketing a car is hard. Sometimes, an automaker will lie about its cars to try to sell it to consumers. But if the car has a reputation of its own, then marketing it becomes so much easier. This reputation, or in the case of this article, stereotype, will follow the car and its owner for the foreseeable future, and so it’s in the best interest of the automaker to lean into that.

Here are 4 hilarious car stereotypes that just seem to be true.

1. SUV – young parents

SUVs are so popular these days, and for good reason. While many people own and drive an SUV, what seems more common than not is the fact that these drivers are new parents.

It makes a lot of sense too, as minivans used to be the go-to car for a family and SUVs are replacing them. I mean heck, even celebrities are getting into the SUV for parents craze, as Kylie Jenner, a new mom, recently got herself a Lamborghini SUV.

Because of how popular SUVs are and how many automakers are making SUVs, most aren’t leaning too heavily on this car stereotype. But that doesn’t stop car companies from making a commercial every now and again featuring an SUV with parents and a baby.

2. Honda Odyssey – soccer moms

Yes, minivans are trending down, but it still seems like every soccer mom is driving their family around in an Odyssey. You have to give those moms props too because while an SUV is very practical, you won’t see many SUVs carrying an entire little league soccer team.

It doesn’t have to be a bunch of kids too, there’s also their gear to consider. If you need to carry a lot of stuff while being fuel-efficient, soccer moms just seem to want an Odyssey for that job.

So does Honda lean on this stereotype? Yes, absolutely. Honda does try to diversify the reach of the Odyssey, but more often than not, its ads about the Odyssey will involve a mom and soccer.

3. Toyota Prius – self-righteous or an Uber/Lyft driver

You have to give credit where credit is due. The Prius disrupted American roads and introduced to many the idea of a green car. Nowadays though, there are so many options for driving green that Priuses have fallen out of the limelight. Most Priuses on the roads these days tend to have either two types of stickers on them.

One, it may have stickers about a particular lifestyle, religion, or political candidate that the driver follows. Or two, it’s a sticker for a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft. 

Both of those stereotypes makes a lot of sense, as the Prius was the ideal car for the self-righteous when it was introduced. And a Prius is just one of the best cars to drive if you’re driving for Uber or Lyft.

So does Toyota lean on these stereotypes? Not really. Toyota’s been marketing the Prius as a car for everyone, and so its ads are relatively generic car ads.

4. Subaru Outback – outdoorsy person

To be fair to the Outback, being outdoorsy is something that Subaru tends to lean on in general. Most of the time, stereotypes are just mean spirited and wrong, but for the Outback, it’s just too true. Many publications about cars lean on this stereotype and heck, even we stereotype the Outback in our articles. 

Subaru has designed great cars for the outdoors and so naturally, people who are outdoorsy have flocked to them, and the Outback isn’t an exception.

You don’t have to look it up, pretty much every ad about a Subaru or an Outback involves the outdoors to some extent. Subaru has gone all-in on this stereotype, and it’s led to good business for the company. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.