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The world of automobile design has come a long way since its first beginnings. Innovation, technology, and environmental-consciousness are now at the forefront of present and future car design. The car industry has been busting at the seams in recent years with design features and options in vehicles that are both functional and amazingly cool.

Today automakers provide an endless array of design features that aren’t just amazing, but convenient, useful, and functional as well. Judging by the futuristic designs drivers are currently seeing, there’s no telling where car design will go from here. These are just a few car design features that not only serve a purpose but also turn our heads.

1. Functional displays

Recent advancements in technology have created a boom of tech-savvy features in most vehicles. Even now, drivers are seeing an increased number of displays, touchscreens, and tech features that add functionality, fun, and safety.

According to CNN Style, “In many cases, manufacturers will do away with physical instrument gauges completely in favor of high-res displays.” Display screens can be small or span the entire dash. Dynamic touchscreens can offer entertainment, navigation, built-in WiFi, access to social media, hands-free communication, voice-activated tasks, and Bluetooth connectivity.

You’ll also find head-up displays, which provide visual readouts of your vehicle’s stats above the steering wheel to help keep your eyes on the road. Other innovative tech features include cameras that can provide 360-degree views, and access to phone apps that can lock, unlock, and start your car.

2. Unusual headlights, lamps, and tail lights

Lights were once a part simply used for seeing in the dark. But as with all things, your vehicle’s lights may do much more now. Today’s world has taken lamps, headlights, and tail lights to new heights. According to Gear Patrol, concept cars like the Nissan GT-R50 feature mysterious, floating tail lights.

You can also find full-length tail lights that stretch across the rear of the vehicle, as seen on Porsche models. Some manufacturers, like Volkswagen and Bugatti, have designed headlights that can wink, flash, and communicate with others on the road.

3. Innovative seating

Since design seems to be changing everywhere else in cars, why not with seating? Today’s cars offer more than a place to sit for your ride. Revised seating positions can be reworked, moved, or turned around, as well as more functional seating that offers adaptability for cargo space and storage.

You’ll never have to be uncomfortable on any adventure with seats that can keep you warm on cold days and cool on hot days with built-in ventilation, according to Road and Track. And as if climate-controlled seating wasn’t enough, some seating options even include massage.

Even the materials used to design and create a vehicle’s seats can be loaded with functional and cool features. Some vehicles use materials and designs used by NASA to make “zero-gravity seats,” which according to BuzzFeed, help keep your posture straight and your ride as comfortable as possible.

4. Updating standard features

Even the simplest of car parts have become design phenomenons. Some vehicles add function to seemingly boring car parts, like the fold-down windshields available from Jeep. Even a vehicle’s grille, which is designed to protect the radiator and allow for air-flow to cool the engine, can offer massive appeal in function and appearance.

Some vehicles have grilles which open and close when the car is turned on and off, while manufacturers like Porsche and Tesla ignore the grille altogether. According to, we may start seeing grilles which can light up and spell messages, like the Kia Niro EV concept car.