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As the world moves more and more to electric vehicles and electric-assisted drivetrains, you have to wonder what the ultra-wealthy will have in their garage of automotive toys in the form of electric hypercars. Though Teslas aren’t cheap by any definition of the word, $100,000 is a drop in the bucket to some. We’re talking about those McLaren Speedtail and Koenigsegg One:1 owning rich folks. What kind of EVs will they be driving?

Lotus Evija – $2.3 million

Lotus Evija displaying the power of electric hypercars doing a burnout as it leaves the line at Goodwood Festival of Speed
Lotus Evija | Lotus

According to Top Gear, there are a few options for the super wealthy to feel included in the EV revolution. Obviously, they won’t be driving a Nissan Leaf. However, you might just see them in a Lotus Evija.

Alright, perhaps you won’t because there are only 130 of them. However, with a price point of $2.3 million, it certainly fits the bill on the expensive side of things. How’s it hold up on the hypercar side of things?

Quite well, actually. Car and Driver reports that the Evija is the most powerful production car to date, with just a hair under 2,000 horsepower. For those not keeping score, that’s nearly 500 more horsepower than a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport. In addition, all that power is good for a sprint to 62 miles per hour in under three seconds.

Rimac Nevera – $2.4 million

Rimac Nevera showing the power of electric hypercars at Goodwood festival of speed
Rimac Nevera | Rimac

If you’re familiar with any of these electric hypercars, it’s likely the Rimac Nevera. This electric hypercar caused such a stir that the creator, Rimac Automobili, is now in a joint venture with Bugatti and Porsche.

The $2.4 million Rimac Nevera has a total of 1,877 horsepower and is said to spring from zero to 60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds and do a quarter-mile in under 8.5 seconds. That is downright insanity.

Pininfarina Battista – $2.4 million

Legendary design company Pininfarina is no stranger to designing a beautiful car. Since the company’s start over 90 years ago, its designers have been responsible for over 60 Ferrari models.

The Battista is a bit of a departure, though. Certainly, it’s still an absolutely beautiful design. However, the vehicle’s powertrain and carbon fiber construction come courtesy of Rimac. So, you won’t be surprised to find that it has the same 1,877 horsepower output as the Nevera. As cool as the Nevera looks, well, it’s Pininfarina. What a phenomenal-looking car

Aspark Owl – $3.2 million


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Above all else, though, Top Gear reports that the Aspark Owl is the best of the best when it comes to electric hypercars for the super-rich.

The specs for this vehicle are hard to believe. Legitimately.

The Owl is designed by Japanese company Aspark and built by Italian coachbuilder MAT. MAT is no stranger to building cool cars, either. It was responsible for the Ferrari 430 Scuderia-derived modern Lancia Stratos. In addition, MAT also built the Apollo Intensa Emozione.

The performance figures, though, seem otherworldly, to put it nicely. To put it less nicely, they seem impossible and extremely unlikely. The Owl is said to have 2,012 horsepower and 1,475 pound-feet of torque. That’s not the part that seems unreal, though.

Allegedly, the Owl can sprint from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 1.7 seconds. Though, Top Gear says that figure comes with the use of the dread one-foot rollout and some sticky tires. It wouldn’t be surprising if they used a prepared surface like the Tesla Model S Plaid, too.

Overall, all of these electric hypercars make a perfect choice for the super-wealthy. After all, they’re all super exclusive, super fast, and cost millions of dollars. What more could you ask for?