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American car enthusiasts take a gamble when buying a JDM import. JDM cars tend to lack robust parts availability in the States, and they’re often full of quirks that can cause problems if not addressed. This maxim applies to all JDM imports, including the Nissan Gloria.

What is the Nissan Gloria?

According to Cars Directory, the Nissan Gloria was a premium sedan that started as the Prince Gloria. Originally intended as a more luxurious Skyline, it became something of a flagship sedan in the Nissan lineup after merging with the Prince Motor Company in the 1960s.

The Gloria was the basis for the official limousine that served Japanese royalty for decades and was ultimately discontinued in 2004. Here in the U.S., the closest thing we got to a USDM Nissan Gloria was the Infiniti M of the mid-2000s, which was based on the final generation of the Gloria.

Common problems of the Nissan Gloria

The Nissan Gloria has a few unique problems that owners should know about. If you’re fortunate enough to drive a JDM Nissan Gloria, here are a few things to look out for.

1. Electronic problems

Since the Nissan Gloria was always marketed as an upscale car, it often had premium features ahead of its time. For example, the Gloria had power seats and air conditioning long before they were standard cheap car features.

Old Nissan Gloria models with premium features like these sometimes have problems just because of age. A power driver’s seat might not work, and you might need to manually unlock doors because of bad power locks. Sometimes these are just annoying inconveniences, but there are potential safety issues if there’s something wrong with crucial features like the headlights or the anti-lock brake system.

2. Old and unreliable brakes

If you buy an old Nissan Gloria, it’s a good idea to immediately replace brake pads and shoes so you know they’re fresh. Most Gloria models legally imported to the U.S. have front disc and rear drum brakes. They’re easy enough to maintain, but keeping the components up to date is essential to maximize safety and performance. If you have the budget, consider a four-wheel disc brake conversion.

3. High fuel and oil consumption

The VQ and VG families of V6 engines in Nissan Gloria models tend to have fuel and oil consumption issues. This isn’t always a problem; it’s just a common quirk of these engines. However, if it gets out of hand, it can cause more significant issues.

Inspect the engine and undercarriage thoroughly for leaks if you notice excessive oil or gas consumption. It could be a sign of worn head gaskets or other troubling leaks. Keeping the gaskets and seals fresh will ensure a robust and long-lasting engine.

4. Rust

Rust is something to check for before you purchase a Nissan Gloria, if possible. Some surface rust on underbody components is to be expected. However, excessive frame rust could quickly turn your Nissan Gloria into junk.

Since Japan doesn’t salt roads, the paint on older Japanese cars typically doesn’t offer much rust protection. Some common rust spots on old JDM cars like these are on the wheel wells, wheel hubs, and in the trunk.

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