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Many car owners are major fans of a specific brand. Whether it be one vehicle that they adore or the fact that they never own a car without a particular logo, they stand by their brand. While there are some benefits to this, it’s essential to stick with a brand that is actually reliable, however. Here are four car brands that most mechanics believe to be reliable, and that will last you for many miles to come.

A person potentially performing a recall repair on a white car.
Mechanical repair | John Gress/Corbis via Getty Images

Toyota is a favorite of car mechanics

Eastern Automotive Group recently released an article about the best-used cars that mechanics recommend. Toyota’s name is frequently used as one of the top brands. 

This isn’t a surprise, as Toyota is considered one of the most reliable brands in the auto world, if not the most reliable. A car is considered reliable if it can make it to 200,000 miles before being retired to that great junkyard in the sky. The Sequoia and Land Cruiser blow this number out of the water, as both are reported to last up to 300,000 miles if properly maintained. 

The Corolla is another darling of the auto world. It’s one of the most talked about cars on critic lists, and it rarely faces criticism.

While Toyota doesn’t always take the No. 1 slot for being the top reliable automaker, it’s rare to see a Toyota take heat for being a waste of money. While one model year may draw more ire than others, Toyota quickly corrects any mistakes. 

Lexus is a solid choice for luxury owners

If you prefer something with a little more style and finesse, then you’ll probably enjoy a Lexus, which is the luxury brand of Toyota. While it doesn’t get as much glowing praise as Toyota, Lexus rarely faces the wrath of critics for releasing a lemon to showroom floors. 

The RX Hybrid is much sought after due to its high range and affordable prices. Part of the appeal is that it’s known to last.

The Lexus GX is another favorite of critics. The 2022 model was recently named Consumer Reports’ most reliable vehicle. It may have an expensive price tag, but you don’t have the fear of being hit with major fees by your mechanic.

It also gets high praise for a comfortable interior, unless you’re relegated to the dreaded third row.

Honda is another brand most mechanics would recommend

Honda is often a close second to Toyota on many reliability lists. From the much-loved Civic to the fan-favorite CR-V, Honda knows how to make a great vehicle that is built to last. 

Trying to pick which is the most reliable Honda is difficult, as the Japanese automaker rarely manufactures a vehicle that is prone to expensive repairs at lower mileage ratings. This isn’t to say it doesn’t happen, because it does. It is rare, however, and it’s often just one or two vehicles and not an entire lineup.

Acura is just as good as Honda

Acura is the luxury brand of Honda and is just as reliable in many ways. Not only does Acura offer affordable prices which are sometimes cheaper than non-luxury brands, but the vehicles look expensive. The 2023 Acura Integra only costs $31,300 and currently has mostly positive reviews.

As a brand, Acura manages to stand out amongst other luxury automakers due to the fact that mechanics don’t slam the phone down as soon as they hear Acura’s name. Many luxury brands can’t make this claim. In fact, there are some mechanics who refuse to touch luxury brands due to the irritating repairs that come with them.

Acura designs vehicles that are manufactured to last for well over 200,000 miles, which also helps them hold their value longer. This makes them ideal for anyone looking for a used luxury vehicle.


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