4 Best Electric Handheld Leaf Blowers According to Consumer Reports

Yard maintenance is a must, even though most people don’t enjoy it. Leaves can especially be a pain in the late summer and fall because they can do a lot of damage to your car. But the right leaf blower can make the job much easier. Consumer Reports has an extensive list of leaf blowers, and we’ve picked the top four electric handheld models that will make yard work a breeze.

Worx WG520 electric leaf blower

A maintenance employee uses an electric handheld leaf blower
Electric handheld leaf blower | François Guillot/AFP via Getty Images

The Worx WG520 lacks some of the features consumers want most, including vacuum capability. Regardless, Consumer Reports stated, “This model had no discernible flaws in its performance.”

It received an overall score of 73, which places it in last place on this list. Even so, this leaf blower has a few nice features, like multiple speeds. This can make life easier if you find yourself in a tight position and don’t want the speed going full blast.

With a cost of $60, this model is fairly affordable. However, it’s not the cheapest on this list, so it’s worth taking the time to look at other models before committing to a purchase.

Ryobi RY421021 electric leaf blower

This leaf blower came in third place with an overall score of 76. Consumer Reports likes its aggressive power and the way it can remove even embedded leaf particles. 

Retailing for $40, it’s the perfect leaf blower for anyone on a budget. There is one issue you need to be aware of, however.

If you’re looking at a used model, you might want to reconsider. According to Consumer Reports, in 2017, there was a recall alert for Ryobi RY421021 leaf blowers that were originally sold between December 2015 and December 2016. The serial numbers you should be on the lookout for are EU15401D170001 and EU16239N999999. It was recalled due to the fan blades, which could discharge from either end of the blower. 

Toro UltraPlus 51621 leaf blower

The Toro UltraPlus 51621 is the most expensive leaf blower on this list, retailing for $100. It takes second place with an overall score of 79 and has enough features to help validate the relatively high price.

For example, its ability to suck up leaves makes the job much less stressful. It moves leaves quickly and can remove even the most embedded of leaves.

But Consumer Reports was less than pleased with the noise level, so the Toro UltraPlus received a score of 2 out of 5. Despite this, it’s a nice leaf blower. However, it’s not the best, and there’s one more leaf blower you should consider before buying this one.

Toro 51624

The Toro 51624 is proof that a higher price doesn’t necessarily make a leaf blower better. This model costs a mere $55, making it $5 cheaper than the Worx WG520 and $45 cheaper than the Toro UltraPlus 51621. It received an overall score of 81, which is the highest on this list of electric handheld leaf blowers. So, what helped it take the number one spot?

According to Consumer Reports, one factor is the ability to fix the blowing speed, which means you don’t have to hold the trigger as you try to walk while controlling where the leaves are headed. Another factor is that it’s fairly quiet from a distance. That means you won’t disturb your neighbors every time you pull it out, though you’ll still require ear protection. Finally, it comes with the vacuum feature that the Worx WG520 lacks.

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