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When it comes to sailing on the ocean, not just any boat will do. To navigate conditions safely, your vessel must be big enough and properly equipped. For example, it should include a functioning VHF radio for communication and GPS for location determination. If you’re considering boats for the ocean, what are the best crafts to consider? Here are four well-built options equipped for ocean boating.


The great thing about bowriders is they’re available in a wide array of sizes and prices. If you and your family or friends are looking for a simple craft to go swimming, cruising, or towing other watercraft, a bowrider is ideal. Best of all, its layout offers plenty of seating, easy water access, and great versatility.

Bowriders measure anywhere from 16 feet to over 30 feet. They come with almost as many comfort features as most cars. You can find bowriders equipped with outdoor kitchens or galleys, full bathrooms, enclosed head compartments, and much more.  

If you’re into overnighting on the ocean or fishing, read on for other options. Otherwise, the bowrider might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Fish-and-ski boats

As the name implies, these boats are handy for skiing adventures and big fishing trips. Do you want to get up early to fish? These boats have what you need for a satisfying fishing experience. Want to enjoy watersports such as wakeboarding? These boats can do that too.

The layout is like that of a bowrider, according to Discover Boating. But it includes other features like rod holders, live wells, and an electric trolling motor to make life easier. They come equipped with ski lockers and a ski-tow pylon, too.

But multipurpose boats also have some drawbacks. The space that the live well occupies could be space for a cooler on a boat meant for water sports. You could have a casting deck for just fishing if not for the bow seating. Still, it’s a nice combination that accommodates both camps and does it well.


Ocean sailing is a unique, peaceful experience. Sailboats are designed to skim over the water, not to buzz by leaving a wide wake.

But it takes a degree of skill to navigate these vessels. Today’s sailboats, like bowriders, come in various sizes and levels of comfort. However, they don’t need big engines and, thus, tend to cost less.



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The walkaround is a jack-of-all-trades. You can enjoy cruising and fishing with your family but also overnight with friends on the ocean. These boats typically have open cockpits for setting a trolling spread or fishing. With the bow enclosed, you have a good place to sleep with protection from the elements.

The added protection that a walkaround offers is ideal for families, particularly those with smaller children. The center console for fishing isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s workable.

Depending upon your needs and tastes, one of these boats might fit the bill and provide you with many safe and joyful hours on the ocean. Specialty boats are available too, and if you’re a diehard fisherman or skier, you might consider one of those.

But if you’re looking for a good starter boat for your ocean adventures or one that straddles categories, these boats might provide a good starting point for you.