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Proper maintenance is the key to getting as much enjoyment as possible out of your motorcycle. Even so, inexpensive bikes are not necessarily easier or more cost-effective to maintain. To find a model that isn’t too time-consuming or expensive to keep up with will require some research. Fortunately, Hot Cars has a few recommendations for affordable motorcycles that are easy to repair. Here are just a few models you may wish to consider.

Honda Elsinore MT 250

According to Hot Cars, the Honda Elsinore will provide you with a vintage dirt bike experience. Even so, this bike can be driven on or off-road and is extremely reliable under any driving conditions. As such, the odds that you will need motorcycle repair are very low.

Honda has produced a number of these bikes and plans to continue manufacturing replacement parts. This means that if you do need repairs, coming up with parts will not be a problem. There are also plenty of dealerships where you can take your motorcycle for repairs, ensuring that labor costs are very competitive.

Yamaha XS 650

The design of this bike is what makes it easy and inexpensive to repair. The gearbox and engine are housed underneath the same casing, making them easily accessible. Its crankcases also come with a horizontally split design that is very simple to work on.

Yamaha produced these bikes only for a ten-year period between 1969 and 1979. Despite no new models in 40 years, Hot Cars notes there is a large supply of parts as well as numerous mechanics who know how to repair these bikes.

BMW R Nine T Pure

Not only is this bike economical to repair, but it is also one of the most affordable models to purchase. As such, Hot Cars claims that it is the perfect choice for anyone who desires a German motorcycle but feels they cannot afford one.

When buying replacement parts, you will find they are very economical. Repair manuals are readily available, and many owners report using them to perform their own routine maintenance. Those who do visit dealerships claim that the bike’s air-cooled camhead was rather inexpensive to service. 

Kawasaki Z1 or KZ 900

The Kawasaki Zi was introduced in 1972 and was later replaced by the KZ in 1976. Despite its age, either of these Kawasaki models will provide you with a dependable ride, while also being very quick and powerful.

The Z1 and KZ bikes were manufactured very efficiently using parts that were widely available. So although these motorcycles are out of production, you won’t find any trouble locating parts. Kawasaki did not sacrifice quality in making these bikes, so you will find many used models in excellent condition still on the road.

Factors to consider

When choosing an economical motorbike, consider the size of the bike, availability of parts, and manufacturer. For used models, the condition and past maintenance will play a role as well. In general, larger bikes with more features will likely cost more to repair, as will models with limited production. A more economical bike will be well built, come from a quality manufacturer, and have a readily accessible supply of repair parts.

The above models will provide you with an enjoyable riding experience and require very little motorcycle repairs. That means that when you are ready to hit the road, you can do so with style and confidence. Keep this list in mind when shopping for a new motorbike that will provide you with a great riding experience while also being very affordable.