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Nothing beats the freedom of riding on a motorcycle. But being a biker means having the right gear. These are the practical and affordable motorcycle accessories every biker needs. From useful and functional to cool and trendy, we’ve got you covered.

1. Portable tire inflator and pressure gauge

Your tires are one of the most important things to maintain. For only a small investment, a tire pressure gauge is a practical, wise investment. Many bikes work hard on the road, it’s advisable to check your tire pressure before every ride. As Cycle World explains, many digital pressure gauges can fit in your pocket.

Another compact but invaluable motorcycle accessory is a tire inflator. When you’re on the road and your motorcycle’s tires need air, you’ll be happy to have one. Like the ones seen on RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring & Travel, there is a portable tire pump option to suit any biker’s needs.

2. Tool kits and battery chargers

There is nothing worse than being stranded on your motorcycle without the right tools. And, as Utah Bike Law points out, you cannot haul every motorcycle tool with you. This is where multi-tool kits and pocket-sized gadgets come in handy. A multi-tool kit comes with screwdrivers, socket drivers, a variety of wrenches, and more. You can also find small solutions for mobile power problems, like gadgets that charge your phone.

3. Motorcycle seat protectors and cushions

If you only ride your motorcycle short distances, you may not notice any discomfort. But for road-trippers, your bike’s seat and your riding position may get uncomfortable. Seat protectors, cushions, and pads are available at affordable prices. No matter your budget, your comfort is worth the investment.

Many protectors and cushions are ergonomically designed and absorb vibrations from the road. As Car Bibles points out, you can find cushions and pads in many sizes, made from different materials. Gel-infused pads can keep you cool on the ride, for example, while heightened seat pads can better adjust your driving position.

4. Bluetooth intercoms and hands-free gear

You may want to stay connected to the world as you ride your motorcycle, but it isn’t practical or safe. With the invention of Bluetooth devices, however, you can still enjoy your ride. Bluetooth intercoms can attach to your helmet and become a walkie-talkie system for communicating between riders in your group.

Headsets, ear-plugs, and attachable devices can also connect to your mobile device. Like those seen on Young Chopper’s list of motorcycle accessories, Bluetooth headsets can connect to your phone, play music, use GPS, and even answer phone calls while you’re riding.