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What’s a better midsize pickup truck: the 2023 Honda Ridgeline or the 2023 Toyota Tacoma? In an earlier article, we discussed the advantages of the Tacoma when comparing it to the Ridgeline. Now, we highlight the strengths of the Ridgeline for pickup truck shoppers. Here are four advantages that the 2023 Ridgeline has over the 2023 Tacoma.

2023 Honda Ridgeline has a higher base engine output than the 2023 Toyota Tacoma

Front angle view of red 2023 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck, comparing to 2023 Toyota Tacoma
2023 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The first advantage of the 2023 Honda Ridgeline midsize pickup truck over the 2023 Toyota Tacoma is its higher base engine output. The Ridgeline comes standard with a 3.5-liter V-6 engine, which churns out 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. In comparison, the base-level 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine for the Tacoma manages only 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque. 

Also, the Ridgeline delivers quicker acceleration. It has a 0-60 mph time as low as 6.3 seconds, compared to 7.7 seconds for the Tacoma.

2023 Ridgeline has better handling than the 2023 Tacoma

Front angle view of Solar Octane 2023 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck
2023 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

The second advantage of the 2023 Honda Ridgeline over the 2023 Toyota Tacoma is its better handling. The Ridgeline can more fluidly drive through curves and around corners. It also has a smoother ride.

The better handling of the Ridgeline is due to several factors. For one, the Ridgeline has a fully independent rear suspension with coil springs, compared to the solid rear axle with leaf springs for the Tacoma. Also, the Ridgeline has a wider track width than the Tacoma, with an extra 3.6 inches for the front wheels and 3.3 inches for the rear wheels. Additionally, the Ridgeline comes standard with 18-inch wheels, but smaller 16-inch wheels are standard for the Tacoma.

Furthermore, the Ridgeline has a unibody construction, which is uncommon for pickup trucks. With the stiffness that its unibody construction provides, the Ridgeline can use softer springs for a superior ride quality. Another benefit of the unibody construction is there’s less noise and vibration, resulting in a quieter ride.

Honda Ridgeline provides more passenger space than the Toyota Tacoma

The third advantage of the 2023 Ridgeline midsize pickup truck over the 2023 Tacoma is it provides more passenger space. The Ridgeline has a total passenger volume of 110 cu-ft, compared to 100 cu-ft for the Tacoma. 

Also, the extra passenger space makes the biggest difference for rear seats. The Ridgeline offers up to 36.7 inches of rear legroom, while the Tacoma has 24.6 inches for Access Cab models and 32.6 inches for the Double Cab models.

2023 Ridgeline has a more upscale interior than the 2023 Tacoma

The fourth advantage of the 2023 Ridgeline over the 2023 Tacoma is its more upscale interior. Compared to the Tacoma, the Ridgeline’s cabin is more modern and has higher-quality materials. Also, the Ridgeline offers many interior features that are not available for the Tacoma. This includes noise cancellation technology, a driver’s seat memory function, an easy entry system, and a rear seat center armrest.

The 2023 Honda Ridgeline has advantages over the 2023 Toyota Tacoma for a higher base engine output, better handling, passenger space, and a more upscale interior. When deciding between the two midsize pickup trucks, these are factors to consider.