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The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most beloved SUVs in its class. It’s a long-running vehicle that’s fairly trusted despite not being perfect. However, like most vehicles, there are some Jeep Grand Cherokee model years that people should think twice about. The SUV delivers solid performance for the most part, but some editions have some decently significant maintenance issues. So, here are three of the worst Jeep Grand Cherokee model years. 

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee

2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee from the side
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Stellantis

According to customer complaints, the 2015 is one of the worst used Grand Cherokee models. For one, it has transmission problems that spilled over from the previous model. Unfortunately, this causes impacted vehicles to jerk regularly. Additionally, one of the biggest complaints with the transmission is with the gearbox in particular. There are instances where drivers can’t get the SUV to stay in park, which is a safety issue for everyone around. 

According to Vehicle History, the most widespread complaint regarding the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee is with the AC. Reportedly, the blend door, which sends cool air over hot air, has a tendency to fail. Of course, this causes the vehicle not to cool how drivers and passengers want. Owners have to replace the blend door to fix the issue. Another issue with the 2015 Grand Cherokee is the wireless control module, which can cause the SUV not to start. 

One issue that impacts only the 2015 Grand Cherokee vehicles with a diesel-powered engine is the EGR cooler. There are several reports of the cooler cracking, which can lead to a fire. This was one of the recalls for this used Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Used 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee models are not great

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee in red
2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Stellantis

The 2014 is one of the worst used Grand Cherokee model years because it has some significant maintenance issues. As previously mentioned, some of these problems spilled onto the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee. This is primarily the case with the transmission issues, with rough shifting being a primary problem with the 2014 Grand Cherokee transmission. One of the recalls for this model year came from this issue, but it could still be a problem for anyone who purchases a used version of this SUV, as recalls don’t always help.

Additionally, this used Grand Cherokee model has issues with the engine. Not only do check engine lights illuminate often but there are significant malfunctions with the sensors and the fuel pump. Regarding cosmetic issues, the leather inside the Jeep tends to bubble due to excessive heat. In addition, the leather starts to peel, and buyers have to have it replaced in order to restore the vehicle to its former glory. This mostly happens in hot climates, resulting from the glue used to seal the leather to the surfaces.

The 2011 model has problems

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee in snow
2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Stellantis

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is easily one of the worst used models of the SUV. In fact, many call it the worst. Overall, this model has five investigations, six recalls, and over 1,500 complaints from customers. Among the problems with the 2011 Grand Cherokee, one of the most complained about is the Totally Integrated Power Module. Essentially, the system has faulty wiring, which causes the engine to stall and causes issues with the braking system. There are also problems with the fuel pump due to the TIPM wiring.

Luckily, the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t one of the most common used models of the vehicle. Overall, the Grand Cherokee is a good but flawed SUV, meaning buyers need to do research before buying one. This includes the newer models, as they are also not perfect. There are other used Grand Cherokee models with problems, but these are three of the most problematic.

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