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When it comes to today’s most popular vehicles, a lot of times, that success goes to SUVs and crossovers. These models offer daily usability, utility, and the versatility that many drivers need. And while most of today’s SUVs do feel a little bit cookie-cutter, there have been some cool ones over the years. Including some weird SUVs, like the Isuzu VehiCROSS, that did not sell so well at the dealership.


Directly related to the Jimmy, the GMC Envoy lasted two generations. And overall, it is not a cool SUV. In 2004, GM decided to do something weird with the Envoy, though. GMC introduced the Envoy XUV, which is an SUV with a retractable roof. GMC marketed this version as a combination of an SUV and a pickup truck. 

A truly weird SUV, the GMC Envoy XUV was a flop.

Despite being extremely functional for pet owners or those who hauled cargo, sales numbers were not great. GMC predicted that the Envoy XUV would make up one-third of all Envoy sales, but it didn’t even come close. Because of this, according to Autoweek, the XUV only lasted until 2005. 

Isuzu VehiCROSS

Unless you are into weird cars, it’s entirely possible that you have not heard of the Isuzu VehiCROSS. This SUV was in the U.S. market from 1999 to 2001. In total, Isuzu sold less than 4,500 units. Although, that number can be a bit misleading because production was purposely limited. 

The VehiCROSS is weird because of its quirky design. But, it does offer some legitimate ruggedness. This SUV came with a four-wheel drive system, which uses 12 independent sensors. These sensors monitor road conditions, helping handle various conditions. 

It is worth noting that this SUV did only come with two doors. So, in terms of being a family vehicle, it’s not really a good candidate. And all models came with a four-speed automatic transmission. 

Pontiac Aztek

Perhaps best known as Walter White’s SUV in Breaking Bad, the Pontiac Aztek is too weird for its own good. According to Car and Driver, this is a vehicle that is best forgotten. But, with things like a center console that turns into a cooler and an optional tent sold by GM, is the Aztek actually all that bad?

The Pontiac Aztek SUV is revealed at the Detroit Auto Show.
Pontiac Aztek | AFP via Getty Images

Well, the short answer is yes. For most people, the weirdness of the Aztek is not enough to make up for its lackluster performance, and 2000s GM build quality. To a certain person, who wants an AWD SUV that isn’t normal, maybe the Aztek can fit the bill. 

Pontiac intended to sell 75,000 Aztek cars in its first year. At the end of the day, just 27,000 units were moved. For perspective, GM probably needed to sell over 30,000 models to break even. Add to that, the Aztek was overpriced. 

What is the most liked SUV?

In terms of sales, the Toyota RAV4 takes the cake as the most liked SUV. It proves that most consumers want something that is reliable and something that is truly usable. 

While auto enthusiasts may appreciate when a company takes a risk, the general public views a car as an appliance. Some SUVs just took too big of a risk and flopped because of it.


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