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The Toyota bZ4X may be late to the game, but its rivals should be very afraid. The electric SUV has the potential to become the most popular EV on the market. The bz4X may not be the flashiest electric SUV in its segment, but it has more staying power than other models.

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is built to last

The Toyota bZ4X is a latecomer to the electric SUV game, but it’s sure to make an impact on the market. It has one huge advantage over other electric SUVs. The bZ4X’s battery retains 90% of its capacity after 10 years. Its battery degrades just 1% a year.

The bZ4X XLE model has 250 miles of driving range. After 20 years of degradation, it will still have 200 miles of range. The electric SUV can outlast rivals because it retains its practicality after long periods of time. Some of its rivals’ batteries will degrade faster. Thus the bZ4X will become one of the longest-lasting electric SUVs.

Like other Toyota SUVs, the bZ4X can potentially last for decades. Its longevity could make it the more popular electric SUV over time.

The bZ4X will be more affordable than most competitors

A white 2023 Toyota bZ4X is parked.
The Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

According to Car and Driver, the Toyota bZ4X has an estimated starting price of around $37,000. After electric vehicle tax incentives, its price could decrease to around $29,500. The bZ4X will be more affordable than competitors like the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkwasgen ID.4.

Like the RAV4, the bZ4X is shaping up to be one of the most affordable options in its vehicle segment. Affordability is a huge factor today because of inflation and the current state of the American economy. If Toyota can prove that its affordable EV is practical enough to soothe range anxiety, it’ll become the obvious choice for millions of Americans.

Toyota is prepared to offer better deals than some automakers

The Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

Consumers are already incentivized to buy electric vehicles because of tax credits. If that isn’t enough to make you go green, Toyota is offering a special deal for bZ4X buyers. According to Road Show by CNET, Toyota is partnering with EVGo to provide bZ4X buyers with a year of free fast charging.

Consider the bZ4X’s price combined with this amazing deal and longevity, and this electric SUV easily provides more value than most of its rivals in terms of affordability. Cool features and sleek exteriors may give competitors an advantage, but the bZ4X has staying power because of its battery, value, and the way incentives are being structured around the EV.

The Toyota RAV4 may not be the best compact SUV on the market, but many Americans agree that it’s the best buy, hence why it’s so popular. The bZ4X doesn’t have to be the best electric SUV in its segment to outlast rivals. It just has to be affordable and practical enough to convince consumers that it’s the best deal.


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