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Used cars are a great way to save money when car shopping, and this is true for any type of car. That being said, trucks tend to cost a lot of money, and while used trucks are cheaper than new, there are some used truck options that just don’t provide a great value for the price. Here’s a look at the three used trucks that aren’t great values, as well as a few that do have a good value.

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An overview of the iSeeCars study

A recent iSeeCars study tried to find the used cars with the best value by analyzing data from over 2 million used cars. Researchers then took the average price of a used car model and divided it by the car’s average remaining lifespan in terms of mileage. The result of that is the car model’s value rating, which is measured in price per 1,000 miles. 

In general, used cars that are cheap and have a lot of miles left in their life were the winners of the study. Unsurprisingly, this also meant that the best used cars in terms of value were mostly sedans such as the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic.

Since trucks tend to cost more at the beginning of their life, used trucks also tend to cost more than used sedans. As such, there was only one truck in the top 20, and it’s the Honda Ridgeline

These three used trucks have a poor value

The Ridgeline is a midsize unibody truck, and it’s not the preferred option for many truck lovers. Unfortunately though, the trucks that truck fans want also tend to be the trucks that have terrible value.

The Ford F-150 is the most popular car in America right now, which means that it’s also the most popular truck. However, a used F-150 costs almost $20,000, and it’ll only have about 100,000 miles left in its lifespan.

This gives a used F-150 a value rating of $199 per 1,000 miles, which is the third worst value in the segment.

A used Ram 1500 costs about $19,000, but it’ll only have about 92,000 miles left in its life. This gives it the second worst value rating in the segment, as it costs $205 per 1,000 miles.

The truck with the worst value, however, was the GMC Sierra 1500. A used Sierra costs about $20,000 as well, but it only has an average of 96,000 miles left in its life. That gives it a value rating of $206 per 1,000 miles, which is slightly worse than the Ram 1500’s.

Interestingly enough, despite the fact that the Sierra 1500 is very similar to the Chevy Silverado, the Silverado has a better value than these three trucks. The Silverado has a value rating of $183 per 1,000 miles.

Buy these two used trucks instead

Overall, the best used trucks in terms of value were all on the smaller side. That said, there are some used trucks in the full-size segment that have a good value. Toyota is famous for its reliability, so unsurprisingly, the Toyota Tundra is the second-best full-size truck in terms of value.

It’s the most expensive used truck, as it costs $23,000 on average. However, it has a very long remaining lifespan of over 128,000 miles. This gives the Tundra a value rating of $180 per 1,000 miles.

The Nissan Titan, however, is the best full-size truck in terms of value. It costs about $19,000 on average, and it’ll have over 113,000 miles left in its life. That gives it a value rating of $166 per 1,000 miles.


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