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Why should supercars have all the fun? The truth is that they don’t: many automakers now offer elite pickup trucks with superchargers or trophy truck inspired off-road suspension. Some new models, such as the Ford F-150 Raptor Type R and GMC Hummer EV, have MSRPs well above $100k. So it might shock you that you have multiple options for used supertrucks under $10k that can hold their own on today’s roads.

  • Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
  • Chevrolet Silverado SS
  • Toyota Tundra Supercharged

1993-1995 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning

Red Ford F-150 Lightning used supertruck in a parking lot, trees visible in the background.
1994 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning | Cars and Bids

The mad scientists at Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) are responsible for the modern F-150 Raptor. But before this department set its sights on pioneering the factory-built desert racer, it unleashed the original F-150 Lightning. The 1999-2004 SVT Lightning is one of the most iconic vehicles from 2001’s The Fast and the Furious. Because the Hollywood-famous Lightning generation stole all the thunder from the original truck, the 1993-95 square body version is surprisingly affordable.

The OBS Ford SVT Lightning features a 5.8-liter V8 that puts 240 horsepower through an overbuilt automatic transmission. The compact GMC Syclone of the day could beat the SVT Lightning to 60 MPH. But the full-size supertruck can tow and haul almost as much as a regular V8 F-150, which makes it much cooler. And it can still get to 60 MPH in 7.2 seconds–according to MotorTrend. Ford also tossed this same engine in the four-door Harley Davidson Edition, which is even more affordable.

2003-2006 Chevrolet Silverado SS

Black Chevrolet 1500 SS pickup truck parked in a driveway.
2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Intimidator | Cars and Bids

Not to be outdone, General Motors launched its own supertruck in 2003. The Silverado SS came with a 6.0-liter Vortec High-Output V8, which made 345 horsepower. It also featured torsion bar front suspension, 20-inch aluminum rims, and a 4.10 final drive.

Chevrolet changed up its Silverado SS every year. Every 2003 is an AWD, every 2006 a RWD, and 2004 and 2005 could be ordered either way. Early versions had four-wheel disc brakes, but this feature was canceled too. Unlike the Lightning, the Chevrolet Silverado SS came with an extended cab, making it a slightly more practical choice for those who haul passengers often. You can get into a Silverado SS for under $10k, though the rare “Intimidator” version (to commemorate Dale Earnhardt Sr.) is a bit pricier. MotorTrend found it could get to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

2008-2021 Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged

The Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharger is one of the rarest supertrucks on this list, and one of the fastest. It is difficult to tell how many exist because Toyota Racing Development (TRD) engineered a supercharger for the Tundra’s 5.7-liter V8, but customers had to order it from the dealership. The result could make 504 horsepower.

MotorTrend tested a short cab, short bed model’s 0-60 time at 4.4 seconds. You could order the TRD Supercharger on a range of configurations, so this supertruck comes in all shapes and sizes. The only problem is that they are exceedingly rare, but they sell occasionally and sometimes go for less than $10k.

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