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Usually, a used car, truck, or SUV is more affordable than a brand-new version. That isn’t always the case these days, especially when some automakers can’t keep up with demand. These Toyota SUVs are more expensive used than new ones because there are not enough of each one to go around. Finding a reliable Toyota sport utility vehicle isn’t too hard, but you might end up paying a premium for your choice.

Three Toyota SUVs are more expensive used than new

Back with a new study, iSeeCars looked at some vehicles that are still more expensive with a few miles on the odometer than a brand new version. For instance, the Toyota RAV4 Prime was about 3.5% more expensive than the used version. That worked out to $1,726 over the MSRP, bringing the cost up to $51,298.

Model% Difference used over new$ Difference used over newUsed Cost
Toyota RAV4 Prime3.5%$1,726$51,298
Toyota Corolla Cross2.9%$853$30,636
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid2.4%$953$40,045

Toyota has the formula figured out with SUVs like the RAV4 Prime that offer function and comfort at a reasonable cost. Drivers like the Prime because it is a reliable plug-in hybrid with better fuel economy but doesn’t require the whole EV experience.

It makes some sense that the Toyota Corolla Cross would make this list since it is brand new and quite popular. The Cross is the new crossover SUV version of the Corolla sedan, which has been on the market for a long time.

It has more cargo space than you might think, but all of the reliability you definitely know about. Those reasons have left the Corolla Cross a bit more costly for a slightly used version, about 2.9% over the new. That works out to around $853 or $30,636.

Even though these Toyota SUVs are more expensive used, that could change soon

Some Toyota SUVs are more expensive, like this RAV4
A Toyota RAV4 Prime | Toyota

Interestingly enough, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid also made the list. Another fuel-efficient option, this Toyota SUV has a tendency to cost more on the used market, around 2.4% more than new. While that costs $953, it brings the used Toyota RAV4 Hybrid up to $40,045.

The good news is that the market is slowly getting back to a time when used vehicles are cheaper than new ones. This list had 14 used cars, trucks, and SUVs between 0.1% and 12.3% above new. At the same time last year, there were 15 used models priced between 7.9% and 21.5% over the latest version.

Even though paying more for a used SUV than a new one isn’t ideal, at least it is a Toyota. This automaker has some of the longest-lasting cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market.

You won’t get a deal on the Toyota Corolla Hybrid either

While some of these Toyota SUVs are more expensive, a used Toyota Corolla Hybrid sedan was actually 7.9% more expensive than a new one. That works out to around $2,038 extra but only brings the cost up to approximately $27,809. For the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, a 4.6% difference used over the new led to a cost of $196,228. Even though these Toyota SUVs are more expensive than new ones, the result is still a reliable used vehicle.

Even though the process of used car costs coming down has been slow, it is definitely happening. Hopefully, this list will have even fewer options next year. Although the G-Class might always be on it.


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