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The Toyota Sienna is among the few minivans left in a dying segment. Still, it remains a popular family hauler thanks to its fuel-efficient powertrain, roomy cabin, and generous cargo space. In fact, the Sienna outsells a few of its stablemates. Here’s a look at Toyota Sienna sales numbers compared to three other models in the lineup.

Here’s how Toyota Sienna sales look right now

GoodCarBadCar shows sales data for the calendar year through August, and the Sienna is doing well. Year-to-date, Toyota has sold over 41,400 minivans. That’s a massive increase from last year, when Toyota sold only about 6,000. That’s likely because of production challenges due to the supply chain crunch, but those are still impressive Sienna sales figures this year. 

This increase is recent, too. At the beginning of the year, the auto giant sold only about 2,000 Sienna models a month. But in the last quarter, Toyota sold around 6,000 monthly. So, Sienna sales for the second quarter came in at about 17,000, much higher than several other familiar Toyota nameplates. 

1. The Sequoia has been selling worse than the Sienna

A 2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD-Pro midsize SUV model parked on a rocky hill covered in purple flowers
2024 Toyota Sequoia TRD-Pro | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

The Sequoia is arguably the best full-size SUV for the money, but it still lags behind the Sienna in sales. So far this year, Toyota has delivered slightly over 12,000 Sequoia units, 3,600 of which were in the second quarter.

The Sequoia is the largest Toyota passenger vehicle, and it carries a hefty price tag to match its stature. This hulking SUV starts at over $60,000. It’s highly capable, though, boasting a potent standard hybrid powertrain and a comfortable cabin. The 2024 Sequoia packs a 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 and an electric motor, harnessing 437 hp and 583 lb-ft of torque.

2. Toyota Corolla Cross sales slumped

Earlier this year, Toyota Sienna sales couldn’t keep up with the affordable Corolla Cross, but the minivan had a stronger mid-year. Still, the new subcompact crossover has sold a little over 42,100 units. That’s about 700 units more than the Sienna so far this year. However, the subcompact SUV performed worse than the Sienna in the second quarter, notching only about 13,800 deliveries.

Toyota’s brand-new SUV is highly affordable, starting at about $24,000. Because it’s a small crossover, its specs don’t stand out from the larger models the automaker offers. The Corolla Cross seats five comfortably and provides relatively generous cargo space. It has a 169-hp engine but also offers a hybrid powertrain.

3. The entire Prius family is selling worse than the Sienna

The Prius is one of the most famous Toyota models, and the latest version touts an attractive redesign. It’s still selling well for a green car, but it’s sold only about 21,000 units so far this year. That’s much worse than the beloved Sienna, and the Prius’ roughly 9,300 units in the second quarter also trail behind the minivan, GoodCarBadCar data shows. 

Regardless, the Prius remains a solid option for folks concerned about the environment but can’t commit to an all-electric vehicle. The new Prius boasts a hot makeover but remains as efficient as before, achieving over 50 mpg combined. It costs just over $27,000.