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The Honda Accord is one of the mainstays in the midsize sedan class. It routinely wins awards and accolades from the automotive press, and even though the current generation has been around since 2018, it’s still one of the best cars you can buy. That’s why it’s not surprising that owners surveyed by J.D. Power give the 2022 Honda Accord high marks. They like the performance, interior space, and ease of use. People also praise it for its features and quality.

However, the Accord is not perfect. There are things it doesn’t do well or that people don’t like. In fact, the same J.D. Power ownership survey highlights three things they didn’t like.   

What is J.D. Power? 

The J.D. Power is a global marketing and research company that surveys consumers on a variety of products, including banks, insurance, technology-related products, and cars. They take the surveys and customer feedback and distill the information into research reports that it sells to companies. These companies then use the research with their own data and have the option of using the J.D. Power award for marketing purposes.   

The automobile industry is one of the most recognized industries that J.D. Power researches and includes reports on value, the Initial Quality Study (IQS), and the Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS).  

What are three things owners don’t like about the 2022 Accord?

  1. The sound quality of the Accord’s audio system

The 2022 Honda Accord comes standard with a touchscreen infotainment system that includes an 8.0-inch display. Bluetooth and USB connectivity are also standard, as are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. The infotainment system is easy to use, but buyers felt the sound quality could be better. Honda does offer a 10-speaker audio system with a 450-watt amplifier on the EX-L model, but the other trim levels use the base infotainment system with either four or eight speakers. 

  1. The experience using Accord’s driver assistance systems

Like many of today’s cars, this midsize car comes with a host of driver assistance systems which Honda calls its Honda Sensing suite of Safety and Driver-Assistive technologies. These features include technology like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and automatic emergency braking. Like a lot of technology, it takes time to get familiar with how to use it. But in the Honda Accord’s case, these features were among the most reported things owners don’t like. 

  1. The quietness of the Accord’s cabin while driving

The 2022 Honda Accord comes with Active Noise Cancellation to help quiet the interior. However, many owners felt the Accord’s cabin was not as quiet as it could be while driving. Car and Driver also remarked about the interior noise volume in its review, saying, “entry-level models aren’t as quiet inside as high-end ones.”

Despite these things, the 2022 Accord is still a highly rated vehicle

The 2022 Honda Accord midsize car
2022 Honda Accord Touring 2.0T | Honda

In addition to what owners say in the J.D. Power survey, U.S. News ranked the Accord number one in the midsize class, where it won the company’s 2022 Best Midsize Car for the Money award and the 2022 Best Midsize Car for Families award. 


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