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Few vehicles have a reputation for being indestructible, but the Toyota Hilux certainly does. And no, you can’t buy this pickup truck in the United States. But on the global market, it is seen as a rough-and-tumble vehicle ready for almost anything. These three key elements might be why the Hilux has a reputation for lasting forever.

Is the Toyota Hilux available in the U.S.?

If you’re interested in Toyota’s small yet mighty pickup truck in the States, you are out of luck. The Hilux has not been sold new here since the late 1970s. And with the Toyota Tacoma already being available, there isn’t really room for another midsize truck from this brand. 

Toyota's midsize truck, the Hilux shows off that it's a tough vehicle.
Toyota Hilux | National Motor Museum via Getty Images

That said, importing an older one is possible. And there are folks out there that have done just that. Just keep in mind that importing a midsize truck can prove fairly difficult. You have to track one down that is over 25 years old, and you’ll have to deal with things like registration. 

With the reputation of the Hilux, I can’t blame you for wanting one. In the video below, you can see the guys at Top Gear trying their hardest to kill this pickup. And it seemingly won’t die. In some ways, the Toyota Hilux has definitely earned its status as a near-indestructible truck. 

1. The Hilux benefits from Toyota’s history of reliability

Now, no vehicle is perfect. Toyota does have a history of producing reliable models, but there is always the possibility of missing the mark. The Hilux is built with everything that the brand has learned over the years. Including producing vehicles that have to stand up to legitimately harsh terrains. 

A grey 2023 Toyota Hilux shows off as a midsize truck.
2023 Toyota Hilux | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

The Hilux still utilizes high-tensile steel that is welded to a ladder frame. That might seem like a pretty dated construction, but hey, it works. It means strength and better serviceability once these midsize trucks pack on the miles. 

2. This pickup truck is simple

The Toyota Hilux has remained fairly simple despite increasing regulations and consumers expecting the latest and greatest from their pickups. It’s not as basic as it was back in the day, but even in 2023, this Toyota truck feels distinctively old-school. In other words, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

An old white Toyota Hilux proves itself to be a simple and reliable truck.
Toyota Hilux | Chris Radburn via Getty Images

According to TopSpeed, Toyota does have plans to introduce an electric Hilux in the future. But until that time, one of the most popular powertrains for this truck is a 2.8-liter turbo diesel. It makes 204 horsepower and 369 pound-foot of torque, and it’s known for being able to pack on the miles.

3. The Toyota Hilux is cheap to maintain

OK, so cheap is a relative term here. Toyota models can sometimes be expensive to maintain. But because the Hilux is built the way it is, and so many mechanics are familiar with it, keeping this truck running does not have to break the bank. 

A Toyota Hilux midsize truck shows how tough it is at a rally.
Toyota Hilux | EVARISTO SA via Getty Images
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One of the key elements to keeping a vehicle running is proper maintenance. And if that isn’t super expensive, it is certainly easier to stay on top of that. Older Hilux trucks can even be maintained with a simple tool kit for the most part.