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The Toyota 4Runner is a midsize SUV that’s built to last. The 4Runner nameplate is known for its longevity and off-roading prowess. It has a huge following, but it’s becoming very clear that the SUV is due for a redesign. Here’s what drivers want to see from the upcoming 2024 Toyota 4Runner.

Drivers want a Toyota 4Runner that isn’t so thirsty

An orange 2023 Toyota 4Runner is parked off-road.
The 2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

One of the main gripes that consumers have with the Toyota 4Runner is its fuel economy. The 2023 Toyota 4Runner gets 16 miles per gallon in the city and 19 miles per gallon on the highway. It has a 23.0-gallon tank size. So, the midsize SUV can travel for roughly 402 miles before needing to refuel.

The 4Runner’s driving range may be decent, but there’s still room for improvement when it comes to its gas mileage. Toyota produced several capable (yet very thirsty) off-road SUV and truck nameplates. Today, the brand’s lineup is more geared toward fuel efficiency, affordability, and practicality. The days of nameplates like the Toyota Land Cruiser have come and gone. Now, Toyota’s full-size SUV is a standard hybrid.

Many drivers want a 4Runner with better fuel economy so they can get even further on a single tank of gas. Toyota has addressed the Tundra and Sequoia’s gas mileage issues with redesigns. Will it finally give the 4Runner nameplate a few extra miles per gallon?

The Toyota 4Runner could use a style upgrade

In the last few years, Toyota has redesigned the Prius, Tundra, and Sequoia. It introduced the bZ4X fully-electric small SUV, the Corolla Cross, the Corolla Cross Hybrid, and the Toyota RAV4 Prime. The Japanese automaker is rolling out plenty of new SUV models with modern styling. These new models tend to starkly contrast with older nameplates. Toyota has done an excellent job at slowly updating its portfolio to bring every nameplate up to speed with new and innovative models.

The 4Runner could use a more modern exterior styling that matches the design language of more futuristic models like the bZ4X. Some fans may not enjoy the modernization of the 4Runner, but it’ll have to adapt to fit into the brand’s new and evolving lineup.

More off-roading configurations never hurt anyone

A red 2023 Toyota 4Runner midsize pickup truck is driving off-road.
The 2023 Toyota 4Runner | Toyota

Toyota has made a name for itself by producing some of the most iconic off-roading vehicles ever made like the Land Cruiser. Several of its SUVs have amazing off-roading capability. Toyota has leaned into the off-roading niche by creating several different off-road configurations for its SUVs and pickup trucks.

These off-roading configurations often feature a suspension upgrade, beefy off-road tires, and skid plates. The 2023 4Runner already has several off-road configuration options, but what’s one more, right? Toyota recently teased a Trailhunter configuration for the new Tacoma model year.

Toyota 4Runner fans that love to adventure want as many off-roading configuration options as possible. The brand is no stranger to offering as many as 10 configurations for a vehicle.

The 2024 Toyota 4Runner has a lot to prove. MotorTrend claims that the 2025 4Runner will have a hybrid powertrain among other new additions. Will the 2024 Toyota 4Runner exceed expectations, or will it disappoint the midsize SUV’s large following?


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