3 Terrible 2022 SUVS That Owners Still Love, According to Consumer Reports

Car experts and critics, like Consumer Reports, tend to look at vehicles differently than the average consumer. Sometimes a critic hates a car, but consumers love it and drive up its sales. The opposite can also be true. Regardless, the cars and SUVs that bring in big numbers year after year can thank their loyal fans for their success. When looking for your next SUV, look at the full picture and listen to the critics and other owners. These particular SUVs are not well-liked by Consumer Reports but are well-loved by their owners. 

The Consumer Reports Owner Satisfaction Rating listens to the people

Consumers go to Consumer Reports for guidance on their automotive purchases because it is one of the most well-respected review publications. It holds high opinions from industry leaders and experts. 

One feature that consumers depend on is the Owner Satisfaction Rating for vehicles. This rating predicts the likelihood that a consumer would repurchase a particular SUV. This prediction is determined after the Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey is analyzed. This survey inquires consumers about a few top features of the model. 

The crucial features in the survey include: 

  • Driving Experience: How does the vehicle feel when driving? Is the overall experience good or bad?
  • Styling and Design: How comfortable is the vehicle? How is the seat comfort, noise level, climate control, and overall ride? 
  • Comfort: Do you like how the vehicle looks from the outside and the inside? 
  • Value: Do you think you got what you wanted for the price you paid?

Once these features are discussed, CR asks this question, “Considering all factors (price, performance, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc.) would you get this car if you had to do it all over again?” The Owner Satisfaction Rating is determined by the number of consumers who answered “definitely yes” to that question. 

The Owner Satisfaction Rating runs independently of what the automotive critics say about vehicles. One can be positive, and one can be negative at the same time. The following SUVs got high praise from owners but were considered terrible by CR at the same time. 

2022 Ford Bronco midsize SUV

The 2022 Ford Bronco has returned to battle it out with the Jeep Wrangler. Consumer Reports says it is a superior daily driver than the Jeep, but the Jeep definitely wins when it comes to off-roading. From the Road Test, CR says,” Unusually long stopping distances in our testing, underwhelming fuel economy, and elevated wind noise compromise its road-test score.” Predicted Reliability was also a bone of contention for the critics. All this leaves the Bronco with a subpar rating from CR. 

However, the critics may not like the Bronco too much, but the owners sure do. The Bronco has a perfect Owner Satisfaction Rating. Most Bronco owners said they would definitely buy a Bronco again. 

2022 Jeep Wrangler off-road SUV

The 2022 Jeep Wrangler comes in much lower than the Ford Bronco in the critical review. CR says, “The current Jeep Wrangler retains the storied model’s rustic charm and distinct proportions while making improvements to its powertrain, amenities, and connectivity. However, awkward access, excessive wind noise, and rough ride continue.” The fuel economy also leaves a lot to be desired. 

Owners, however, still love the Jeep Wrangler. Jeeps have an extremely loyal fan base, which shows in its near-perfect CR Owner Satisfaction Rating. 

2022 GMC Yukon XL full-size SUV

A 2023 GMC Yukon SLT full-size SUV model parked on a dirt path near grassy hills
2023 GMC Yukon SLT | GMC

The GMC Yukon XL is an excellent choice if you need a lot of space for passengers and gear and also the ability to tow a boat or camper. Overall, the Yukon XL is comfortable to ride in with plenty of space and quietness. However, the braking, agility, gear selector, high step-in, tall hood, and fuel economy force the critics to give the Yukon XL a poor rating. 

Owners responded to the annual survey with a near-perfect Owner Satisfaction Rating. Loyal Yukon drivers particularly enjoy the styling and driving experience.

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