3 SUVs Consumer Reports Wishes Would Go Away: Worst SUVs of 2022

There are a lot of cars, trucks, and SUVs on the market right now. Not all of these ideas are loved by the masses, but there are some SUVs Consumer Reports wishes would go away. With such saturated sport utility vehicle segments, there are bound to be some unsatisfying options out there. While Consumer Reports doesn’t actually want to get rid of any vehicles, these are some of the worst SUVs of 2022 that are rounding out the bottom of the segment.

Consumer Reports wishes the Jeep Wagoneer SUV would go away

When the experts at Consumer Reports sat down to discuss some of the best and worst cars, trucks, and SUVs of 2022, there was a lot of area to cover. However, Jake Fisher of CR noted right away that the Jeep Wagoneer was his pick for an SUV he wished would go away.

“Why in the world in 2022 are we launching a car that gets 15 miles per gallon?”

Jake Fisher | Consumer Reports

“I’m not saying there’s not a need for large vehicles for people that need them. There are other vehicles of that size that get much better fuel economy,” Fisher said. SUVs like the BMW X7 get more than 20 mpg, and even the Chevrolet Suburban has better fuel economy than that.

In all seriousness, the Wagoneer received average scores during Consumer Reports testing. It hasn’t been on the market for too long, so there is room for improvement.

The GMC Hummer EV SUV can go away

The GMC Hummer EV SUV and pickup truck have been quite controversial since GMC announced the project years ago. “I just don’t think that’s at all the point of what we’re trying to do here,” Alex Knizek noted. “Even if it wasn’t an EV, it’s still 10,000 pounds, or 9,000 pounds, for no reason.”

Not to mention the fact that the GMC Hummer EV costs more than $100,000 and doesn’t do anything particularly well. It does offer Extract Mode and Crab Walk to help increase off-road potential, while the Infinity Roof is just cool to look at. Otherwise, the GMC Hummer EV is much like its old gasoline version: big and ready to show off. On the list of SUVs that can go away, the Hummer EV is a logical addition.

The entry-level Jaguar E-PACE didn’t have rave reviews

SUVs Consumer Reports wishes would go away like the Jaguar E-PACE
A Jaguar E-PACE in red | Jaguar

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Jen Stockburger, another CR expert, said her pick for SUVs Consumer Reports wishes would go away would be the Jaguar E-PACE. Jaguar’s E-PACE sits in the luxury entry-level sport-utility vehicle segment, which is more of an issue than one vehicle. Stockburger says that the SUV rounds out the back of the segment with terrible owner satisfaction scores.

At $48,000, the Jaguar E-PACE SUV received pretty low scores from owners and experts alike. “The people who bought it don’t like it; the owner satisfaction is low, and the reliability is low. Because you spend a lot of money for a car that doesn’t give you a lot of room, doesn’t give you great performance. All it did was say Jaguar on it.”

At the end of the day, the SUVs Consumer Reports wishes would go away only need some improvements. The Jeep Wagoneer needs better fuel economy all around, the GMC HUMMER EV needs to be retired, and the Jaguar E-PACE needs a complete overhaul. Easy enough.