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It’s safe to say that no one likes speeding tickets. When you crank the music up and hit the open road, sometimes it’s easy to go a little hard on the gas pedal. But what cars should you avoid if you get a little carried away when the beat drops? The answer might surprise you. 

Nothing ruins a good day quite like getting pulled over. It may be best for drivers with a lead foot to stay away from the sportier cars on the market. This rings especially true when some speeding tickets are outrageously expensive. Consumers may even go as far as to investigate which cars are more likely to be targeted by law enforcement for traffic infractions to save a little cash on tickets. But what these drivers find is not quite what we expected. 

Insurify, a website that helps users compare car insurance, released its data on the cars cited the most for speeding. In the Top 10, you’ll find the usual suspects like the Dodge Challenger, Dodge Charger, and Nissan 350Z. However, there is a trio of cars that stand out from the rest of the pack. Notably, the Ram 2500 was the truck with the most speeding tickets, and the Subaru WRX topped the list, as 20.49% of drivers have received a speeding ticket.

Which three outliers did Insurify name among their Top 10 models that get the most speeding tickets, and why might these cars have ended up on the list? Let’s take an in-depth look at the analysis to find out.

Dodge Dart

The 2013 Dodge Dart on display at an auto show
The 2013 Dodge Dart on display | Photo by David Cooper/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Anyone could have guessed that the brand built on muscle car heritage would have a few entries on a speeding ticket offender list. However, few would imagine that the underpowered Dodge Dart compact car would be one of the entries. 

So, how did this firecracker make it onto such a list? Due to its affordable price, you can find Darts on the road in abundance. This low entry point mixed with the average Dodge customer’s affinity for speed creates a relatively tame compact that’s often pushed to its limit by its driver.

According to Insurify, the Dart’s speeding violation rate was more than 32% higher than that of the average driver. Additionally, 15.45% of Dart drivers received at least one speeding ticket.

Subaru Impreza

A blue 2020 Subaru Impreza on display in front of a retro diner.
A 2020 Subaru Impreza on display | Photo via Subaru

Unlike the WRX, the Subaru Impreza doesn’t have an athletic design, nor does it offer sporty performance. Regardless, it ended up coming in at third on the list, with 15.90% of drivers getting a speeding ticket.

The Impreza resembles the Dodge Dart in some ways, having an affordable price tag and a lackluster powertrain. However, its Subaru branding leans more toward responsible driving as opposed to Dodge’s thirst for speed. The only identifying factor that might explain why this particular model gets more speeding tickets than most other compacts is its standard all-wheel-drive system. The extra traction delivered by this drivetrain may instill some added confidence, giving drivers the courage to be a little more adventurous.

Hyundai Veloster

A white 2021 Hyundai Veloster N driving on a race track
A 2021 Hyundai Veloster N in action | Photo via Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster looks faster than it is, and apparently, it often goes faster than it should. The Veloster, featuring a three-door body style, has one of the most unique designs on the automotive market. Its athletic profile undoubtedly appeals to those who want a sports car look without paying a sports car price.

Under the hood, the Hyundai Veloster isn’t anything special. In fact, its fuel-economy rating is more impressive than its performance. The 2021 model of this hatchback only produces 147 hp with its standard engine, and its available turbo four-cylinder tops out at 201 hp. Nevertheless, 15.43% of Veloster drivers have been handed a speeding ticket.

Are speeding tickets handed out based on model bias?

If there’s anything to take away from Insurify’s list of speeding offenders, is that sports cars aren’t always the biggest culprits. It’s impossible to tell if those holding radar guns target Dodge Dart, Subaru Impreza, and Hyundai Veloster owners. However, each of these models seems to have an attribute or two that makes them attractive to drivers who have a lead foot.