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If you love off-roading, there’s a good chance that you’re used to traveling a good distance to find a good spot. The best place to flex your truck’s muscle isn’t always marked on the map, especially if you live near the city. Off-roading is a great escape from slow traffic and other cranky drivers.

The ideal location for off-roading is a trail with a lot of fun hills and beautiful scenery to explore. Some states even have trails and events dedicated to off-roading. If you live in one of these places or feel like taking a break from the ordinary, here are three excellent states to go off-roading.

Alaska: an unexplored off-roading paradise

Since off-roading with a rental truck is probably a violation of the rental agency‘s terms, you’ll either have to live in Alaska or have a friend with a truck to fully experience uncharted territory here. If you can make the journey, it’s definitely worth it. The state is so well-known as a great off-roading location that it was the focus of the television show Alaska Off-Road Warriors

The most popular trails are located near the Knik Glacier. Located near Anchorage, it’s a great place to ride over the iconic icy terrain. The most popular trail for beginners is the Mineral Creek trail in Valdez.

There’s a good deal of trails to explore, but one of the biggest draws to the Last Frontier is that most of the wilderness is still untapped territory. Even on a populated trail, you can see the Alaska Range in the distance and truly feel like you live off the grid.

These trails also have historic sites and places to set up camp. You can choose between all sorts of terrain including sand dunes, dense forests, or snow-covered land.

Arizona: a desert playground

If you want to travel somewhere warmer, Arizona is filled with a lot of sunshine and great scenery for off-roading. There are many trails scattered around the state in cities like Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

The trails also have difficulty ratings depending on your experience. The Grand Canyon National Park has some of the easiest trails, and you’ll also get to enjoy one of the nation’s greatest landmarks. For those who want a bigger challenge, Florence Junction in the city of Queen Valley has the most difficult trails.

Arizona is also home to the International Off-Road Expo. This event takes place yearly in the city of Scottsdale. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other off-roading enthusiasts, watch some cool trucks and other ATVs in action, and buy gear for your own off-roading vehicle.

Even if you don’t have your own truck, the programming features a ride-along drive through one of the state’s popular off-roading trails. 

Colorado is famous for its mountainous off-roading trails

This state is famous for its many mountain ranges and peaks, most notably the Rocky Mountains. You won’t be able to crest their peaks even in the most powerful 4×4, but you’ll still get to explore some passages and the surrounding wilderness. Like the other two states, Colorado has a lot of famous trails filled with cool landmarks.

One of the most popular trails is the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway, which consists of two mountain passes that cross through some spooky ghost towns.

If you’re a more experienced driver, the Imogene Pass is the second-highest mountain pass in the state, giving you an incredible view of all the surrounding mountains while experiencing a lot of off-roading thrills.

You can also try Mosquito Pass, a trail considered so treacherous that it’s only open in the summer. If you’re more interested in serene forest driving, the trail along Colorado State Forest Park is both gorgeous and fun to ride along.