3 Small New SUVs to Seek out and 1 to skip

Looking for a small new SUV that provides a stress-free ownership experience? These subcompact sport utility vehicles are fun to drive but still have enough cargo space to be a practical choice.

The Subaru Crosstrek is a small new SUV to look for

New small SUVs like the Subaru Crosstrek
The Subaru Crosstrek SUV | Subaru

Consumer Reports chose the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek as a small new SUV that provides a stress-free ownership experience. It comes with high scores on the road test, predicted reliability, and owner satisfaction. The controls and infotainment system are logically placed, and the Crosstrek returned 29 mpg overall.

Subaru included Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard features. The Crosstrek has a positive reliability history in the last few years which has continued with the 2022 version. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) gave the 2022 Subaru Crosstrek the Top Safety Pick award. Forward collision warning (FCW) and lane departure warning (LDW) are only optional.

Price Range: $23,145 – $36,345

Honda’s 2022 HR-V is another good pick for a small new SUV

When it came to the 2022 Honda HR-V, this small new SUV did well on the road test. Consumer Reports found that even though it is a subcompact, it had plenty of room for passengers and cargo. This Honda also returned 29 mpg overall during testing, which is pretty good for an SUV.

Honda doesn’t include as many safety features as one might like. FCW, LDW, and blind-spot warning (BSW) are optional. The IIHS didn’t give this vehicle any awards, but it did get top scores on the crashworthiness tests.

Price Range: $21,870 – $28,170

Don’t overlook the Hyundai Kona and its five-star safety rating

The 2022 Hyundai Kona excels at being a subcompact SUV. When it came to fuel economy, the Kona returned 26 mpg overall. Consumer Reports recommended the 2022 Kona, which has been on a positive reliability swing for the last year. Owners of the Kona report being satisfied with the driving experience and the value.

Some of the noted highs are agility, braking, and controls. Fortunately, FCW and LDW are standard safety features. Automatic emergency braking (AEB) is also standard. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the 2022 Kona a five-star safety rating on the overall crash test.

Price Range: $21,300 – $42,500

You might want to skip the Ford EcoSport


Consumer Reports Best American SUVs Under $50,000

When it comes to recommended vehicles, Consumer Reports recommends skipping the 2022 Ford EcoSport small SUV. The Ford SUV didn’t perform on the road test, offering a noisy and uncomfortable ride. It also didn’t impress in the area of predicted reliability or owner satisfaction.

When it comes to safety features, the 2022 EcoSport is lacking. FCW, LDW, and AEB are not even an option. BSW and rear cross-traffic warning (RCTW) are optional but not included. The IIHS didn’t rate the Ford SUV this year, but the NHTSA gave it good scores. Overall, there are better small SUVs out there in this price range.

Price Range: $22,040 – $28,395

Since all these small new SUVs are 2022 model years, keep an eye out for upcoming sales and deals. The 2023 models are already hitting the dealerships, so you might get a better price. Don’t be afraid to expand your search a little; most dealerships will ship a vehicle to your area for a small fee.