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Toyota certainly builds a reliable midsize pickup truck. But used Tacoma trucks can be very expensive. You actually have some great alternatives to a used Toyota if you want a reliable used midsize pickup truck. These three trucks actually scored higher than the Tacoma in reliability.

2017 Nissan Frontier

Promo photo of a red Nissan Frontier 4x4 reliable midsize pickup truck parked atop a rock pile, a cloudless blue sky visible in the background.
2017 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

The Frontier is Nissan’s reliable midsize pickup truck. The automaker has been offering it with the same drivetrain options for years, and has had lots of time to work out any mechanical issues. The result is that the 2017 Nissan Frontier won an 85.100 predicted reliability score from J.D. Power, higher than the Tacoma.

Nissan Frontier buyers in 2017 could choose either a 152-horsepower I4 or a 261-horsepower V6. But the I4 didn’t prove much more reliable in the long run, so used truck buyers tend to hunt down a V6. U.S. News warned that the 2017 Frontier wasn’t a good truck for anyone looking for the latest frills, but an excellent choice for a buyer on a budget. Overall, the publication gave the 2017 Nissan Frontier a 7.6/10 when it reviewed the truck new.

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2017 Honda Ridgeline

A reliable midsize Honda Ridgeline pickup truck driving across a bridge, a windy country road visible in the background.
2017 Honda Ridgeline AWD | Jim Mahoney via Getty Images

Not every Tacoma buyer would cross-shop the Honda Ridgeline. That is because the Ridgeline compact pickup truck is based on the same chassis as the Pilot SUV, and instead of a dedicated ladder frame, it gets its structure from a reinforced “unibody” structure. It would be a poor choice for aggressive off-roading or towing.

That said, the Ridgeline’s 280-horsepower V6 makes plenty of power to pull a small trailer. It handles more like a medium-size SUV than a truck or full-size SUV. It also is engineered with excellent storage, including an in-bed trunk. The 2017 Honda Ridgeline is certainly a reliable midsize pickup truck, with a predicted reliability score of 81/100 and an overall score of 8.6/10.

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2019 Ford Ranger

The new 2019 Ford Ranger reliable midsize pickup truck on stage at an auto show during its launch.
2019 Ford Ranger | Bill Pugliano via Getty Images

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Ford set out to build a better Tacoma with its resurrected Ranger in 2019. Because this truck is so recent, it will not be much cheaper than a Tacoma. That said, its more recent redesign makes it superior to the current Tacoma in the eyes of many. This first year of the Ranger earned an 81/100 predicted reliability score from J.D. Power. In addition, the automaker has been fine-tuning its drivetrain since then.

U.S. News glowed about how well the midsize Ford handles–both on road and over rough terrain. It earned an 8.4/10 overall. The 2019 Ford Ranger was limited to just one engine, a 270-horsepower turbocharged I4.

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