3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore the 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited

America’s love of SUVs is probably not going away any time soon, which means that sedans, especially full-size ones like the Toyota Avalon, will continue to be ignored. And that’s a shame because any full-size sedan has all of the room you need for you, your family, and all of your stuff in addition to all of the technological features that will keep you safe and entertained. In case you need any more convincing, here are three more reasons why you shouldn’t ignore the 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited.

The Avalon is supremely comfortable

I spent a week in the 2021 Toyota Avalon Limited and it never seemed to amaze me just how comfortable it is. Sliding into the premium leather seats is easy, since the car isn’t too low, and once inside, I was always impressed with how nicely designed the interior was. Maybe it was the leather, double-stitched inserts on the dashboard and door panels or perhaps the leather-wrapped steering wheel that I held my hands every day, either way, the whole experience rivals any Lexus sedan I’ve ever sat in.

Additionally, the Toyota Avalon’s cabin is quiet at almost any speed. I made sure to drive it on and off the highway and even hunted for the scarred and rougher surfaces to drive it on and it was about as quiet as its Lexus ES 350 cousin. Needless to say, just like the ES, the Avalon’s suspension was also very compliant and soaked up road imperfections perfectly. I would not hesitate for a second to drive it across the country.

2021 Toyota Avalon
2021 Toyota Avalon | Joe Santos

It has enough room for you and your family

In case you’re shopping for an SUV – because that’s the thing to do nowadays – stop for a moment to think about why. Do you need the utility and capability of an SUV, or are you just shopping for one because it has more room than the average sedan? If your answer leans more towards the latter, then you really shouldn’t ignore the Toyota Avalon.

Toyota’s flagship sedan has more hip and legroom in the rear-seat area than its RAV4 stablemate and it has a large 16 cu-ft trunk. That number might not mean much to you, but let’s just say that the trunk is large enough to fit in a few big suitcases for those family trips.

2021 Toyota Avalon Interior
2021 Toyota Avalon Interior | Joe Santos

The Avalon is priced well

Above all else, the Toyota Avalon is priced well in its category. It’s much cheaper than German rivals like an Audi A6 and only a step lower than the aforementioned ES 350. Additionally, you can outfit an Avalon with the same features as the Lexus and I personally prefer the optional JBL sound system over the Mark Levinson one in the ES.

In case you’re wondering, the Toyota Avalon starts at around $36,000 and tops out around $43,300 if you want the ultra-lux Limited trim with the fuel-sipping hybrid powertrain. And if you’re shopping for an SUV, then you’re probably aware that the Avalon’s priced comparatively with most SUVs on the market, possibly even lower. So remember not to overlook it.

2021 Toyota Avalon Rear Seat
2021 Toyota Avalon Rear Seat | Joe Santos

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