3 Reasons Why You Should Chauffeur Yourself in a Genesis GV80 Over the Bentley Bentayga

There is a new luxury SUV on the market ready to take on the toughest of competitors. The 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV is a game-changer for Hyundai as it goes head to head with the classic Bentley Bentayga.

Similar in appearance and luxury styling, the GV80 offers a lot of similar features without the enormous price tag. The Genesis product allows consumers all the benefits of a high-class vehicle, minus the chauffeur. There are several reasons why the all-new Genesis SUV makes sense.

The Genesis GV80 is disrupting the luxury market

The first-ever GV80 SUV is a new product for Hyundai, who up until now only manufactured sedans. Mercedes-Benz and BMW have dominated the SUV market for years, which is why the South Korea-based automaker entering the arena is a big deal.

Mark Del Rosso, the head of North American operations for Genesis, has big plans for getting a piece of the pie in the luxury market. He told CNN Business, “[That his company] plans to soon add at least one more SUV to its lineup and an electric vehicle.” That would make six models for the growing company that aspires to replicate the success of Lexus. Del Rosso explained that Genesis hopes to one day lead the luxury market in both sales and prestige.

Last year, the Genesis brand gained attention when the G70 won Motor Trend Car of the Year and North American Car of the Year awards. In direct competition with the BMW 3-series, the Genesis G70 also ranked as one of Car and Driver’s Top 10 cars.

Genesis is under the umbrella of the Hyundai Motor Group, which also manufactures the Kia product line. They are quick to note that they are nothing like these cars, and according to Consumer Reports, “They’re being extremely careful to make sure people don’t feel it’s just a Hyundai or Kia with different styling.” Genesis is adamant about making consumers aware that the GV80 is not related to these other models.

Standard luxury features in the Genesis GV80

The luxury SUV base model has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and includes a panoramic sunroof, ventilated seats, a heated steering wheel, and wood trim. The high-level Prestige trim offers Nappa leather seats, a digital gauge cluster, and 22-inch wheels. An additional third row of seats is available for this model, and the seating is power-adjustable, heated, and cooled.

The luxurious cabin feels far more expensive than it is, with quilted leather, soft-touch surfaces, and high-end accessories that provide a comfortable ride for all passengers. Driver assistance features are standard in all models and include adaptive cruise control and an exclusive sound-canceling system.

The double set of headlights have become a signature feature of the Genesis brand. Inside, the controls mix modern touchscreens with physical dials to allow for complete control of the features that abound in this high-end vehicle. A second-row bench seat allows for five passengers, and ambient lighting accents the elegant interior’s minimalist feel.

How the Genesis GV80 compares to the Bentley Bentayga 


The New 2021 Genesis G80’s Fuel Economy Makes It More Competitive With Luxury Sedans

The Genesis GV80 steers away from the look of its Hyundai and Kia siblings. According to Car and Driver, it “looks kind of like a Bentayga.” Bentley’s astronomically priced luxury vehicle comes with a staggering starting price of $179,725. Edmunds calls it “undoubtedly one of the most exclusive SUVs on the planet.”

Both cars carry a similar-looking logo with a B with two wings, but it is unclear if that resemblance was intentional on Genesis’ part. A twin-turbo petrol V8 powers the Bentayga compared to the 3.5-liter V6 found in the GV80 Prestige trim.

The 2021 Genesis GV80 SUV is priced considerably less than most of its German competitors, with an MSRP of $49,925. Fully loaded, the price rounds out just above $72,000. With all the standard features and available options, it’s hard to justify getting into the Bentley Bentayga when the GV80 is around.