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2021 is coming to an end. Dealerships may have special deals to get rid of old model years and make way for new vehicles. Here are three reasons to wait until 2022 to buy a new SUV.

Supply issues are causing dealership markups

Used cars are displayed on a sales lot .
Used cars are displayed on a sales lot | Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

2020 was disastrous in more ways than one. The events of 2020 have sent ripples throughout different industries that the world will have to deal with for years to come. One of the many byproducts of the global pandemic is supply issues.

Supply issues spilled into 2021 and have ravaged the automotive industry as a whole. As a result, the lack of supply has increased the value of many vehicles in the eyes of both dealers and consumers.

The automotive industry’s crippled supply chain has led to massive dealership markups and a thriving resale market. There’s no telling how long these price hikes could last, but jumping into a new vehicle deal could end up costing you much more money than it should.

One reason to wait until 2022 to buy a new SUV is that many automakers’ supply chains are still exhausted. Giving companies time to recoup from the strain of the pandemic could be highly beneficial in the long run.

Purchasing a new SUV doesn’t mean that you’ll get it anytime soon

2021 Ford Bronco Sport First Edition on rocks
2021 Ford Bronco Sport First Edition | Ford

Ever hear the phrase “look before you leap”? That’s exactly the phrase that comes to mind when considering new SUVs like the Ford Bronco. The Bronco had the automotive world abuzz with delight regarding the off-road SUV’s return.

The Ford Bronco is amazing and has surpassed expectations in many ways. There’s just one tiny little problem. Very few consumers got the chance to purchase a Bronco. The small SUV sold out quickly, but many of its buyers still haven’t experienced the satisfaction of driving the vehicle yet.

Another reason to wait until 2022 to buy a new SUV is that automakers have struggled with deliveries. The Bronco is an example of one of the many SUVs that took way too long to get to their respective buyers after being purchased. The Blue Oval has struggled with getting buyers their pre-orders and purchases in a timely matter all year long. This issue could continue to affect many SUV purchases in 2022, but sometimes it’s best to just wait things out before making a purchase.

There are plenty of new electric SUV models coming in 2022

Side view of silver 2023 Toyota bZ4X crossover EV
2023 Toyota bZ4X | Toyota

All the Brand New SUV Models for 2022

The electric future is upon us. Consumers will have more diverse SUV options than ever before in 2022. One huge reason to wait until 2022 to buy a new SUV is that so many automakers will be releasing electric SUV models in the coming year.

According to Road Show by CNET, the Toyota bZ4X will arrive in America in the spring. The Subaru Solterra is also slated to release in 2022.

While there are some great SUV options on the market today, the upcoming electric SUVs are worth the wait. 2022 has lots of surprises in store for consumers, so hold on tight.