3 Reasons to Pick the Mini Cooper Over the Buick Encore

The Buick Encore is a sweet subcompact SUV that’s ideal for city driving. With the Encore, you get a pleasant, safe, and reliable ride.  There are even a few reasons to choose the Encore over a fan-favorite like the Mini Cooper. However, the Mini Cooper lineup is undeniably fun and distinctive. Here are a few reasons why the Mini is worth picking over the Encore.

The Mini has more body style options

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It’s true that the Buick Encore has a fun and sporty style all on its own but the Mini Cooper’s looks are unmistakably unique. You can keep it classic with the Mini’s customary British-inspired style but there are plenty of options available for you to personalize this little hatchback. 

The Encore is only available in one body style while the Mini is available in three. There is the standard Mini two-door coupe that can be fitted with a hardtop roof or made as a convertible plus the four-door crossover versions. There are a variety of vibrant colors to choose from and you can further customize your Mini’s headlights, wheels, and interior finishings. These customizations do get pretty pricey though. 

The Mini offers more performance options too


First Impressions: 2021 Mini Countryman

Right now, there are two Encore performance models to choose from. With the Mini Cooper lineup, there an overwhelming amount of powertrain options to consider. The Mini Hardtop and the Mini Convertible feature three different engine choices. Base models come with a 134-horsepower three-cylinder engine that’s lively enough for scooting around the city. However, the mid-level Cooper S trim features a more satisfying four-cylinder that makes a 189-hp. There’s also an all-electric Mini Cooper.

Then we have the two four-door Mini options. The Mini Countryman is the most spacious Mini you can buy. This option comes with an underwhelming turbocharged three-cylinder so the available four-cylinder engine option is the more appealing one. The Countryman is also available as a hybrid too.  The slightly smaller Mini Clubman comes with a potent turbocharged four-cylinder engine. For the most power available on a Mini, you should consider the  John Cooper Works models.

Simply put, there’s nothing like the Mini

No matter what powertrain option you choose, the Mini Cooper is extremely fun to drive and makes every day trips more enjoyable. The Mini’s iconic “go-kart” handling is remarkable and dynamic. What’s also special about the Mini lineup is that each version still pays homage to the original hatchback from the 1950s without looking dated. The Mini’s retro style makes it easy to find in a crowd and its tiny body frame makes it easy to park in general. 

The Mini Cooper isn’t the most affordable option you can pick in the subcompact car class and in many ways, the Buick Encore offers more features at a bargain price. Even so, if you can afford to splurge a little and get a Mini, it’s worth the extra cost. Pricing for the Mini starts at $22,400.