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What is a tonneau cover? Loads of pickup truck buyers have them, but many choose to stay away from them. Is there a particular reason they’re more useful to some than others? We’ve found a few reasons to get a tonneau cover for your pickup truck’s cargo bed. Of course, there are just as many reasons not to buy one.

1. Weather-safe transport of everything

Ford F-150 full-size pickup trucks are parked outdoors.
Ford F-150 full-size pickup trucks are parked outdoors | Ford

The first and most obvious reason to buy a tonneau cover for your pickup truck is to transport things safely in the cargo bed without fearing damage from snow, rain, or other weather hazards. Buyers who travel often especially need a tonneau cover. With luggage, it isn’t likely your gear is weather-proof, but carrying suitcases in the bed is convenient. Having a cover over the cargo area is much safer and gives owners peace of mind that their clothes and belongings will be dry when they arrive at their destination.

Additionally, workers who use many electronics or tools will love a tonneau cover. Saws, battery-powered tools, or other things that must stay dry fit perfectly under a tonneau cover. Of course, truck owners using their pickup for work might like the cover off for lumber and other larger cargo. Luckily, many today are easily removable or able to roll in and out for your convenience.

2. Security while parked

A red ford truck with a tonneau cover on the cargo bed. There are a few reasons to buy one.
Ford tonneau cover | Ford

Next, another reason to buy a tonneau cover for your pickup truck is security. Not only does a cover keep items safe from weather, but it also keeps them safe from thieves. Storing items in the cargo bed of your truck is convenient, but anyone who walks by can reach in and grab something. With lockable tonneau covers, owners can easily store things inside safely without fear of robbery. Parking at a sporting event, airport, or another location for a long time can be scary if you’re forced to leave your belongings in the cargo bed. A good lockable lid will completely erase that fear.

3. A tonneau cover adds long-term value


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Finally, value is an unexpected reason to buy a tonneau cover for your pickup truck. Not only does the cover increase the value of a truck by selling it with it included, but it keeps the truck in better condition. The cargo bed will remain in better shape without taking hits from weather, rocks, and other exterior hazards. As a result, the truck will be worth more when it’s time to sell. Additionally, like with security from theft, a cover will keep the cargo bed safe from vandals who might damage a piece, lowering its value.

In conclusion, carrying groceries, luggage, and more is much easier with a tonneau cover on the cargo bed. Everything is easier to transport and safer, and the cover provides more long-term value to the truck. According to The Drive, every pickup should come with a standard tonneau cover, allowing buyers to get rid of it if they want. Other publications, like DS Automotive, even claim a cover can help improve gas mileage in a pickup. Thanks to an aerodynamic design, the cargo bed creates less air drag and therefore creates a roughly 5% increase in fuel efficiency.