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There are 3 significant reasons to buy the 2021 Toyota Venza midsize SUV. If you’re looking for two-rows and affordable luxury, look no further. Not only does the Venza come with these reasons to buy it, but it’s also an affordable option. As with most Toyota models, it comes with the reliability and owner satisfaction you’d expect from the Japanese automaker.

A reason to buy the 2021 Toyota Venza: interior cabin

A 2021 Toyota Venza midsize SUV parked outside, there are a few reasons to buy it.
2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

According to MotorTrend, the cabin of the 2021 Toyota Venza is one of the most significant reasons to buy one. The reviewer says, “it feels like a step above what we’d come to expect from Toyota.” That’s high praise, especially given that Toyota is often the maker of some of the finest products in the market. Even without paying for the highest trim level, the midgrade XLE model feels like a luxury SUV.

The cabin features soft leatherette seats with heat and ventilation in the front. Not to mention, a heated steering wheel is included for the XLE trim and up. MT notes that the infotainment system is outdated and could use some work in its list of dislikes. However, the look and feel of the controls and the large screen give a premium experience.

A reason to buy the 2021 Toyota Venza: fuel economy

A white 2021 Toyota Venza driving, there are a few reasons to buy the 2021 Toyota Venza
2022 Toyota Venza | Toyota

One area where the 2021 Toyota Venza excels is in fuel economy. The gas mileage of this vehicle is quite impressive and beats most other options in its class. This model year of the Venza gets an average of 40/37/39 mpg in city/highway/combined. Every driver is looking to spend less money on fuel, and avoiding gas stations is never bad.

MotorTrend says it averaged about 35 mpg on road trips while driving the 2021 Toyota Venza. However, the reviewer noted that high winds and high-speed limits played a big part in that number. Going quickly and on high-wind, open roads for extended periods will eventually eat into the gas mileage.

The last reason to buy the Toyota Venza: power

While the power and performance aren’t the Toyota Venza’s highlight, it doesn’t fall short either. Especially when compared to other models in its class. The electric motor provides instant torque to all four wheels, and the gas engine quickly allows the Venza to gain speed. Its 0 to 60 mph time and quarter-mile time-7.1 seconds and 15.4 seconds, respectively-aren’t the strongest, but MT says the midsize SUV feels quicker than that.

The 2021 Toyota Venza is deceptively underpowered, meaning you won’t realize it isn’t moving fast. Sometimes, the best way to get affordable power is to have the illusion of it. While the Venza can undoubtedly accelerate and move when needed, it’s not going to win any races. Other models in its class, like the Hyundai Santa Fe, aren’t much better in terms of power. That’s what makes the Venza stand out that much more from the opposition.

In conclusion, there are a few significant reasons to buy the 2021 Toyota Venza. As far as midsize SUVs go, this one stands out as an affordable, luxurious option. The interior cabin, fuel economy, and overall power are the highlights outlining why a shopper should have Toyota’s option on their list. Plus, there’s always the immense reliability we’ve grown to know and love from the Japanese automaker.


The 2021 Toyota Venza Is the Poster Child for Mainstream Luxury