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The time of the hybrid is now. While the world barrels toward electric cars without the infrastructure to fully execute, many are seeing the writing on the wall; hybrids are the best choice for now. However, more specifically, now is the time for hybrid pickup trucks. There are some really good arguments for why you should buy a hybrid pickup truck between the Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid, the 2022 Toyota Tundra, and the Ford Maverick. 

The 2022 Ford F-150 is one of the best full-size pickup trucks on the market.
The 2022 Ford F-150 Hybrid | Ford

Are hybrid pickup trucks worth it? 

Hybrids have come a long way in the past handful of years. Previously, driving a hybrid vehicle meant saving a few bucks on gas at the cost of all joy derived from driving or even looking at a car. The Toyota Prius and the wealth of hatred it has garnered from car enthusiasts is all you need to know. 

But those bleak days are nearly behind us. Hybrid tech has been turned into a way to boost performance instead of hinder it, but it has also gotten more efficient, affordable, and all-around better in every way. 

One of the major ways hybrid tech is progressing this year is its adoption by pickup truck makers. 

What are the best hybrid pickup trucks? 

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is one of the best hybrid pickup trucks on the market
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

Our friends at Gear Patrol laid out three of the most exciting hybrid pickup trucks today. Without getting too much into the specs of each model, there is a bigger point represented here. Each of these trucks highlights a different major aspect of what makes modern hybrid pickup trucks great. 

The Ford F-150 PowerBoost, the 2022 Toyota Tundra, and the Ford Maverick all have unique qualities that make them different from the rest of the truck world. More importantly, though, each of them as hybrids shows a different aspect of the segment. 

Ford gets the whole hybrid pickup truck thing

Hybrid pickup truck buyer's guide
The Ford F-150 Powerboost hybrid pickup truck driving on a farm | Ford

The Ford F-150 PowerBoost hybrid is not only one of the best hybrid trucks on the market, but it’s also one of the best pickup trucks, period. The F-150 PowerBoost has the 3.5-liter V6 PowerBoost engine to thank for its 430 hp and 570 lb-ft of torque. But its immense power isn’t what makes it great. Not even its more polar bear-friendly fuel economy is what makes it so great. 

The Ford F-150 PowerBoost shows the benefits of hybrid power beautifully with its built-in, onboard power generator. The generator can provide enough power to literally run all essentials in most homes, thanks to the batteries. The truck’s V6 turns into a gas-powered generator once the truck’s battery stores get low. 

This is easily the best use of hybrid power yet. This kind of innovation brings true value to the truck market. 

The Ford Maverick is a popular truck

A yellow 2022 Ford Maverick compact pickup truck is driving on a wet road.
The 2022 Ford Maverick | Ford

Ford isn’t single-minded, though. Despite the F-150 hybrid’s edgy take on hybrids, the Ford Maverick nails down the more traditional side of why you should buy a hybrid pickup truck

Ford has resurrected the maverick nameplate. But instead of an old, heavy, inefficient 1970s sled, the new Ford Maverick is a badass little hybrid pickup truck. The Ford Maverick brings the fuel-efficiency side of the hybrid segment to pickup trucks. 

Unlike the F-150 and Toyota Tundra, the Maverick hybrid doesn’t offer tons of power or towing capability. However, it offers 42 mpg in town and 33 mpg on the highway – keep in mind this is a pickup truck. Granted, the Maverick isn’t huge, but even still, that is better fuel economy than most regular sedans today, and the Maverick still has nearly 200 hp. 

The 2022 Toyota Tundra breaks the mold

The 2022 Toyota Tundra is one of the best hybrid pickup trucks on the market
2022 Toyota Tundra | Toyota

After nearly 9,465 years, Toyota has dropped the 5.7-liter V8 from its full-size pickup truck and SUV. In its stead, Toyota filled the front of the new Tundra with the same twin-turbocharged V6 backed up by hybrid power if you step up to the premium trim. 

The Tundra’s hybrid is unlike the other two in one distinct way, power. The twin-turbocharged hybrid Tundra makes 437 hp and 583 torques. Although the Ford’s power situation is close, it differs in spirit. The Ford f-150 hybrid power feels like a result of building the proper powertrain for working. Something about the Tundra feels excitingly like a vanity? Ego? I can’t quite place it, but it’s good. 

The 2022 Toyota Tundra shows that hybrid power can be more than just an efficiency tool; it can be a performance enhancer. This has, of course, happened in other ways, like with hybrid power entering Formula one, and even production supercars are adopting the earth-friendly power booster. 

Hybrid pickup trucks are the best pickup trucks

Other than the Ram 1500 – which is widely considered the best pickup truck on the market – the Ford F-150 PowerBoost, the 2022 Ford Maverick, and the 2022 Toyota Tundra represent the best aspects of not only hybrid trucks but pickup trucks in general. Power, innovation, and efficiency are what makes this segment so strong and why you should buy a hybrid pickup truck. 


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