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As one of the most popular electric SUVs in the world, the 2022 Tesla Model X has a lot to offer. While there are many great things about it, every vehicle has its faults. In a world where new electric vehicles are coming out all the time, Tesla’s dominance is coming to an end. Here are a few reasons not to buy the 2022 Tesla Model X.

A reason not to buy the 2022 Tesla Model X is the build quality

There are a few reasons not to buy the 2022 Tesla Model X electric SUV
Pearl White 2022 Tesla Model X | Tesla

Build quality, or fit and finish, is one of the most important things about every vehicle. It simply means how well the car is constructed. Do exterior and interior panels easily split apart, leaving unappealing gaps and creating new sounds while driving? Do interior materials easily rip, come apart, or become marked up quickly over time? If the answer is yes to these questions, the vehicle probably has a poor fit and finish.

As reported by Car and Driver, the Model X fit and finish could be much better. It’s become a trend with Tesla models as a whole to have a poor build quality. Specifically, CAD mentioned misaligned interior panels, which no one likes to see. Each piece placed into the vehicle serves a purpose, especially those near airbags or electronics. Misaligned parts on the interior could lead to other problems besides looking like a rough, old car.

Tesla Model X interior isn’t up-to-snuff for a six figure vehicle

Blue Tesla Model X SUV with bike rack rear passenger side
Tesla Model X | Tesla

Does the Tesla Model X have an atrocious, ugly, poorly designed interior? Absolutely not, and far from it. However, when customers see the interior, they’d never guess how much the Model X costs. CAD said the 2022 Tesla “Model X’s cabin leaves us wanting, especially considering its price can easily break the six-figure barrier.” Going more into detail, non-descript air vents and flat-back, barely adjustable seats aren’t good enough. Pair all of that with the low interior build quality, and you’ve got yourself an interior that isn’t worth the price.

Although some things aren’t worth $100,000, the interior of the Model X is as lovely as you’d expect a Tesla to be. It’s utterly buttonless in the front. Plus, it features a massive screen, just as you would expect. We prefer easy-to-use physical knobs for high-use items like air conditioning and volume. However, the growing trend is screen-only controls, and Tesla is one of the pioneers.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Model X costs too much

If you’re looking to buy an affordable SUV, look elsewhere. Unfortunately, those who want an electric SUV didn’t have many choices until now. However, the market is flooding with other options over the next few years. No longer will the Tesla Model X be the only electric SUV option available. That’s a relief since the cost of the Model X is far too high for the average person to purchase.

For instance, the Model X’s closest competitor is probably the Audi e-tron. This model starts at just $65,900, which is alarmingly more affordable than Tesla’s offering. It’s hard to recommend the Model X over the competition when it costs so much and doesn’t provide its value. After destination fees, the 2022 Tesla Model X costs $106,440, and the Model X Plaid is $127,940.

Should you buy a 2022 Tesla Model X?

Firstly, can you afford an SUV that costs over $100,000? If so, then the Model X is an excellent choice overall. While it has its shortcomings, it provides a fantastic driving range, performance, a unique design, and so much more. Unfortunately, its build quality is subpar, as is the interior, for an SUV costing six figures. Speaking of six figures, the biggest reason not to buy a 2022 Tesla Model X is that it’s so expensive.


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