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After decades of using the same mail trucks, the United States Postal Service is finally set to get a new delivery vehicle. As of 2021, Oshkosh Defense will be providing the USPS with its new mail trucks. And, almost half are set to be electric, meaning the Postal Service should be able to operate more efficiently. So, is the Oshkosh Next Generation Delivery Vehicle actually going to be better than the Grumman LLV?

1. The Oshkosh NGDV will have modern safety tech

The Grumman LLV first entered production in the late 1980s, and since then, automotive safety has improved tremendously. From things like autonomous driving to improved airbags, there’s no doubting that vehicles of today are safer than those of the past. 

The Oshkosh NGDV is set to have a variety of modern safety equipment. These include things like a backup camera as well as parking sensors. Plus, they will likely be built to higher safety standards, and that should help keep mail carriers safe as they keep the United States running. According to Motor1, the NGDV even boasts automatic emergency braking, which is not something that you will find on an old LLV. 

2. The NGDV will be more efficient

Although the USPS faced quite a bit of controversy for its new mail truck, it should be more efficient than the Grumman LLV. Even if its gas engine only adds a few additional mpg. That said, recently, the Postal Service announced that it would be dramatically increasing its order of EV delivery vehicles. And that is probably a good thing. 

The Oshkosh NGDV shows off its unique styling as a mail truck.
Oshkosh Next-Generation Delivery Vehicle | USPS

Most mail trucks drive on a dedicated route. Because of that, determining what kind of range a mail carrier will need is an easier task. Plus, the idea of getting the mail delivered by an EV is a fairly exciting one. Even if you do not nerd out about things like mail trucks. 

3. The Next Generation Delivery Vehicle will be new

When the Grumman LLV first went into service, the idea that it would still be making deliveries in 2022 was probably crazy.  Although LLV stands for “Long Life Vehicle,” it was only supposed to have a lifecycle of 24 years. Back in 2009, that number was bumped to 30 years. 

As the USPS's new mail truck, the Oshkosh NGDV should be better than the Grumman LLV.
Oshkosh NGDV | Oshkosh Defense

Still, the Grumman LLV rides on a General Motors platform and borrows quite a bit from the S-10 Chevy. A vehicle that is not even in production anymore. If being ancient wasn’t enough of an issue, the LLV lacks basic features like air-conditioning. Something that the Oshkosh NGDV will remedy. 

When is the USPS getting new mail trucks?

The ordering process for the Postal Service’s new fleet has been pretty complicated. But come 2023, you should see new Oshkosh NGDVs making deliveries on area roads. After years of dedicated service, the Grumman LLV will be retired. And that marks an end of an era for the USPS. 

As the LLV is replaced, it is possible that buying one could be an easier task. So, if you are someone interested in purchasing a used mail truck, maybe you’ll finally be able to get one in your driveway.


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