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When making a sizable investment, it’s always a good idea to list the pros and cons to ensure the thing you’re buying is the right choice. Although Toyota hasn’t released official pricing for the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, it’ll likely be relatively inexpensive compared to other hybrid vehicles but still a significant investment. So, let’s look at the upcoming Corolla Cross Hybrid, three reasons to consider buying it, and three reasons to consider skipping it.

The 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid

Toyota introduced the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid in June 2022. While it’s running slightly behind the anticipated schedule, it should begin landing on North American dealership lots over the next few months, according to Top Electric SUV. There’s no word on official pricing either, but last year, Edmunds estimated the starting price around $26,000, while Kelley Blue Book (KBB) thought it would be closer to $27,000. 

Toyota’s press release reveals that the new Corolla Cross Hybrid, built in Huntsville, Alabama, features the new Fifth Generation Toyota Hybrid System with all-wheel drive (AWD). These features come standard on all five Corolla Cross Hybrid grades, from the humble LE and premium XLE to the sportier S, SE, and XSE models. 

3 reasons to buy the Corolla Cross Hybrid

A red 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid compact SUV model press promotional photo
2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

The Toyota Corolla remains one of the top-selling cars in the world because it’s reliable, practical, and drama free. Like the Corolla Cross, the Hybrid variant promises to deliver that same formula. Additionally, it features the following strengths:

  1. The Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid’s powertrain has 194 horsepower compared to the gas-only version’s 169 hp. Toyota says the increased power and AWD propelled the Hybrid from 0 to 60 mph in 8 seconds.
  2. Car and Driver reports that the non-hybrid Corolla Cross achieved 30 mpg during its testing process compared to the EPA-estimated 32 combined mpg fuel economy. Toyota estimates the Corolla Cross Hybrid fuel economy at 37 combined mpg across all grades.
  3. Standard safety and technology features like Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, Toyota’s newest multimedia system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, additional USB-C charging ports, and over-the-air software updates make the Corolla Cross Hybrid one of the safest and most technologically advanced options available. Upgrading beyond the base LE grade provides additional features for more comfort and style. 

3 reasons to skip the Corolla Cross Hybrid

While those are three good reasons to buy the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid, there are some downsides to consider, such as:

  1. Some larger hybrid SUV models like the Kia Niro, Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, and Hyundai Tucson Hybrid get better fuel economy at competitive prices. 
  2. It’s a Corolla. While the Corolla’s inherent practicality and reliability are positive traits, the Corolla lineage is bland inside and out. As evidence to that fact, the Corolla Cross has an exterior and interior that is serviceable, but unexciting.
  3. While the Corolla Cross Hybrid provides adequate passenger and cargo capacity, the cramped rear seating space could be better for frequent passenger use.
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