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Ah, the VW Golf GTI. An icon of daily driving excitement. A pillar of German automotive excellence. And a right pain to deal with if you don’t know what to look for. There are dozens of reasons to love the hot hatch, but here are three reasons to avoid a used VW Golf GTI that I experienced during my nine months of ownership.

2015 Volkswagen GTI
2015 Volkswagen GTI | Getty Images

DSG service is a pricey requirement

Typically, a car with both a manual and automatic transmission option will have problems with one setup or the other. In the case of a used Golf GTI, both gearboxes are problematic.

With a manual transmission, notoriously weak clutches are a problem for anyone looking to go beyond stock power in a GTI. However, even those that avoid the tuning shops experience issues with clutch slip. It seems that any additional load such as frequent uphill driving or stop and go traffic will cause the clutch to wear out quickly, and it’s not a cheap part to replace.

That’s why I opted to go for a DSG automatic instead. Though, I quickly found out that this wasn’t necesarily an ideal alternative. Fortunately, used GTI models with the DSG manage to avoid any clutch issues. However, the mechatronic units can fail, costing thousands in repairs. And even if that finicky bit of tech holds up, the regular DSG service will cost anywhere from $600 to $800 every 40,000 miles.

The GTI Water pump problem nearly ruined the car

The EA888 engine itself is an excellent bit of kit. Capable of making big power with just a few bolt-ons and some ECU fiddling, the 2.0-liter turbocharged powerplant is approaching legendary status. Equally legendary is this car’s ability to eat water pumps for breakfast.

So well-known is the water pump issue that Volkswagen will replace them for free under warranty, despite them being considered a wear item. The truth is, all cars will need a water pump replacement eventually, but used GTIs go through them like most of us go through socks.

Fortunately, mine was covered by a certified warranty, so I avoided the hefty repair bill. But, the slow leak meant that I found myself hours from home with an overheating engine in a car I had only driven for 20,000 miles. Fortunately I avoided any major damage, but it was a wake up call that this GTI water pump problem isn’t a myth.

If a used VW GTI is on the horizon, be sure that it is still under warranty first. If it’s not, at least make sure that the water pump has been replaced so you’re not stuck with the $700 bill.

Leaky sunroof drains

A used VW GTI with a sunroof can be problematic
2017 Golf GTI | VW
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An issue with sunroof-equipped used VW GTI models meant that slowly and silently, it lost its ability to channel water. The company has admitted that several issues relating to the sunroof can cause problems over time, and even NHTSA has weighed in.

Cracked sunroof frames can make it impossible to fully close the sunroof, which is a problem all it’s own. Drain tube obstructions are also remarkably common, causing water to backup and channel through areas it doesn’t belong. GTI owners have reported water leaking from the headliner, into the dash, and even through the rear hatch. This leads to further problems including mold, electrical shorts, and backup camera malfunctions, to name a few.

In addition, it noted that defective roof welds can cause leaks, and a class-action lawsuit includes thousands of owners demanding damages.

Fortunately, this is one problem I knew about ahead of my GTI purchase. As such, I kept those drains clean as part of my weekly detailing routine and avoided the hassle. If I had it to do over again, though, I’d choose a slick-top and avoid the extra chore altogether.

Find the right used VW GTI

This German hot hatch is undoubtedly a fun car to own, but buying a used VW Golf GTI means understanding the car’s potential downsides as well. Avoiding sunroof-equipped models and having extra cash on hand for transmission service are good ideas when considering used GTI models.